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Healthy Tips to Curb Crazy Cravings

Trucos Saludables Para Frenar Esas Ganas Locas de Comer

When we set out to lose a few pounds, whether it's for health or vanity or both, one of the biggest obstacles is controlling those sudden food cravings. Here are some tricks to help you find ways to stick to your goal in a healthy way:

Get organized, including meal planning.

If you already know which diet to follow, get organized on what you should eat, at what time and be prepared in advance. Oftentimes, when we do not plan our eating routine, especially when we are trying to adopt healthier habits, we get hunger pangs simply due to not preparing snacks, water intake, and meals ahead of time. What ends up happening in the desperation of that moment is that we eat whatever is on hand. Purchase what you need in advance, prepare meals and snacks that can be made ahead of time, separate portions of fruits, proteins, vegetables, seeds, nuts, etc. and store in the refrigerator. Keep a monthly or weekly calendar with menus for each day. Write down the times you should drink water, tea, vitamins, and other supplements. This will help you stick to your diet with no room for error or anxiety.

Make your drinks tastier and more potent.

You probably already know that you should drink enough water. Aside from that, though, you can stay hydrated with herbal teas, including enhanced options. While some are delicious as-is, they can become mundane with the passing days. Changing up the flavor a bit can mix up your routine while adding benefit to the teas you drink just by adding fruits, herbs, and seeds. Hibiscus tea, which is an excellent diuretic, is full of antioxidants and helps regulate blood pressure. It’s an excellent beverage choice that can be consumed hot or cold, and even modulates appetite. On these upcoming hot days, you can let the tea cool down before garnishing with a slice of orange, cinnamon stick, and ice cubes. Or try frozen strawberries and blueberries for a different twist. (1)

Soak chia or flaxseeds.

Another option to curb cravings is to give the body nutrients, good fats, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Not only do chia and flaxseeds contain these, but when placed in water, the mucilage they are surrounded in becomes a jelly that helps satiate hunger longer. Take a glass of water or cold tea, add a teaspoon of seeds, stir well, and let stand for about fifteen minutes. Stir again before drinking. You can also sprinkle chia or flax onto yogurt and oatmeal. A study conducted in Turkey showed that consuming chia as a mid-morning snack can increase satiety in the short term. Something so simple to calm food cravings that also provides the body with necessary nutrients. (2)

Make fiber your best friend.

Fiber is one of the simplest and most helpful elements we could incorporate to improve metabolism and feel full longer. We can obtain fiber from fruits, vegetables, legumes, and seeds. Another way to consume fiber is through nopal. If you can get it fresh, consume it in your salads, stews, and even juices. It is versatile and delicious. If you can't find it fresh or want an extra serving, take it as a supplement. With a couple of capsules, you can ingest enough fiber to slow down the absorption of carbohydrates and help calm the urge to eat. (3)

Manage stress, mood, and hunger at the same time.

Did you know that keeping stress at bay and getting better sleep can also calm your hunger cravings? Many food cravings are due to a hormonal imbalance. When hormones like serotonin, responsible for the feeling of well-being and appetite regulation, are not leveled we may feel more stressed, in a bad mood, and hungry more often. Taking an infusion of passionflower, valerian, or chamomile at the end of the day can help with this. (4)

Fatty acids to stop hunger.

When we think of taking care of ourselves, fats are usually left out. But make sure you eliminate only the bad ones, because there are helpful, good fats like those present in olive oil, avocadoes, and nuts. These all contain oleic acid which helps control the feeling of hunger and lengthen satiety (5). If you have a lot of cravings, eat a teaspoon of olive oil or add it on to your salad. You can also consider a snack of about 10 walnuts. In addition, long-chain fatty acids like Omega 3 improve dopamine response and inhibit the urge to eat (6). Ideal consumption is through eating fish such as salmon or supplementing it.

Use the protein trick.

Protein is a fundamental part of a care plan because it not only feeds our muscles and helps us lose weight but is also a great ally for eating less. This is because protein helps decrease hunger hormones and cravings (7). You can consume it in lean meats like chicken breast, fish, and eggs, and in protein shakes (especially if you exercise).

Get your hands on a multivitamin.

When your body receives all the nutrients it needs, hunger is reduced because each cell has received what it needs to function. B vitamins are necessary to provide energy, help form red blood cells, prevent muscle pain, and help regulate appetite by producing serotonin (8). For this reason, adding a good multivitamin that contains vitamin B can be a great asset.

Try these suggestions to see for yourself how the sudden urge to eat will disappear, and your willpower prevails.

Let's be healthier, together.

Your Santo Remedio Team

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