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Elizabeth Figueroa, a superwoman ready to take the world!

Elizabeth Figueroa ¡una superwoman lista para ponerse en primer lugar! 

Adultery is one of the hardest situations a person can go through. It completely diminishes the trust and respect of a relationship. Not only that, but it can also affect self-esteem, physically and mentally. You stop taking care of yourself. This is what happened to Elizabeth, a 61-year-old Salvadoran mother from Los Angeles after ending a 36-year marriage. She felt humiliated, betrayed, and worthless. She found comfort in food and reached 176 pounds, and even though she lost all hope, she knew she had to change. She decided to commit to a total transformation and leave all bad habits behind for her three sons, her grandson, and herself.

(Elizabeth on her daily walks)

New plans, new goals

Mirna Elizabeth Figueroa came to the US 40 years ago from El Salvador. Her dream was to become a successful pediatrician. Even though she didn’t become a pediatrician, she did work hard to succeed. She worked as a babysitter, as a nursing assistant, and later became a successful insurance agent and tax preparer. But without a doubt, her greatest achievement was raising three successful sons, who graduated from college as dentists and a lawyer.


Gaining weight at home

The pandemic allowed Elizabeth to continue working from home, which became a blessing and a curse. She would drown her sorrows eating constantly, which as a result, made her gain weight quickly. Although she tried to stay motivated, it came to the point where there was no way that her clothes would fit anymore. Sounds familiar?


It was time to get fit

When Elizabeth saw in Despierta América the opportunity to join the Entállate de Costa a Costa challenge with Dr. Juan, she immediately wanted to sign up. She wanted a radical change, and this was a perfect way to achieve it. She is a fierce participant, who is committed, focused, and motivated to transform her life and take her health seriously. In the first 10 days of using the Entalla products and changing her eating habits, she lost 5 pounds! This was a huge win for her as now she felt happier and more energetic, but she wanted to go for more. Elizabeth decided to seek support from our nutritionist Sabrina Hernández-Cano to find out more ways to improve her lifestyle.





The real challenge

Elizabeth's goal is to lose 30 pounds and go down 3 inches in her waist to avoid diabetes, cardiovascular disease, oxidation, liver problems, among others. And that’s precisely what makes Entalla great for her. It is not only about a diet and products, but also a complete, healthy lifestyle. It is about having healthy habits, like sleeping better, staying hydrated, and exercising more every day. Elizabeth has been an amazing example. Just by eating healthier, she notices a difference in her hair and skin. However, while applying these new habits, she mixed too many vegetables and fruits, which sometimes caused discomfort, inflammation, and constipation. Our nutritionist suggested trying one fruit and vegetable at a time to see how she would react. Plus, she pointed out that to experience a dramatic change, Elizabeth needs to walk at least 10,000 steps every day to burn around 350 calories.

Also, as an expert at emotional eating, our nutritionist noticed that Elizabeth was holding back on painful emotions, which she needed to overcome in order to move forward. Sabrina explained that nutrition is not just about the food we eat, but also about everything we let into our lives. That is why the detox process is an essential step to eliminate EVERYTHING that harms us and have a fresh start.


A new beginning

Elizabeth is fully committed to her transformation. She follows Entalla's daily menus with recipes that are anti-inflammatory, prebiotic, probiotic, nutritious, well-balanced, and easy to prepare!

She also uses all the products in the Entalla Kit. She loves the Will Pow(d)er and even has her own twist by adding chia seeds. Another of Elizabeth’s favorites is the Super Slim Café, which she prepares and uses as ice cubes and adds them to her protein shakes. Plus, she is very active in the community of the Entállate participants, which makes us so proud.

Elizabeth is determined to turn her life around. She wants to be the fabulous and confident woman she was and become an amazing, energetic grandma for her grandson that arrives in July.

She is aware that she is not alone on this journey, and she must put herself first to regain control of her life. There is nothing more important than our health, our self-esteem, and the value every WOMAN has at any stage of her life.

Sometimes disappointments, illnesses, or failures are opportunities to remind us to stop settling and unlock the endless potential we have to succeed and move forward. The best is yet to come, but you must be willing to fully enjoy it.

Get fit and join our community!

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