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Feeling stressed and discouraged? These vitamins can help you feel better

¿Estresada y desanimada? Estas vitaminas te ayudarán a sentirte mejor

Daily life challenges, especially now, have made people more stressed, exhausted, and even anxious. If you feel anxious, there is more tension and irritability, sleep is disturbed, and you can even have palpitations, which according to research, is more common in women. The good news is that you can treat these symptoms by seeking professional help, making some lifestyle changes, and supporting your health with natural supplements (1). In this blog, we share some suggestions to help you regain control and have more productive, peaceful days.


Vitamin D

Several studies have shown that people with insufficient vitamin D tend to have a more vulnerable mood. Vitamin D has also been linked to serotonin production because low levels of this neurotransmitter can increase some symptoms such as depression (2). Try to get about 30 minutes of sun daily and consume a vitamin D supplement so that, in addition to having a good mood, you help maintain a healthy immune system, bones, and joints.


Vitamin B 

Modifying your daily diet is a factor considered to support your mental health. Research shows that B group vitamins help improve a better mood and proper functioning of the nervous system. A low intake of vitamin B has been linked to an increased risk of depression and other stress-related problems (3), so a good way to relieve these symptoms is by taking one capsule daily.


Vitamin C

Vitamin C is famous for supporting stronger defenses, but it turns out that it also helps regulate emotions. Vitamin C deficiency is widely linked to stress-related diseases. Scientists showed that taking a supplement of this vitamin helps improve mood and produces an antidepressant effect, among others. (4)


Omega 3

Recent studies show that Omega 3 helps reduce the effects of excess stress and decrease depression, as well as other brain illnesses (5). By having a healthy brain, you can avoid emotional discomfort and regulate your mood. Another advantage of this supplement is that it protects the cardiovascular system and maintains healthy cholesterol levels.


There is no better feeling than taking control of your emotions and daily activities. However, life always has surprises. It is up to you to learn from these situations and take care of your overall health. Make sure to constantly pause, take a deep breath, and appreciate everything around you.


Let's be healthier together.

Your Santo Remedio team




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