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4 Tips from Dr. Juan to avoid the yo-yo effect

4 Tips de Dr. Juan contra el efecto rebote de la dieta

One of the most common effects, when people go on a diet, is the yo-yo effect. In other words, they manage to lose weight, but after a while, once they resume their regular diet, they not only gain back the pounds they lost but even gain more weight. They constantly lose and gain weight. For this reason, it is called the “yo-yo diet.” The sad part is that it has been proven that this effect can be worse for health than having permanent excess weight (1). That’s why we share 4 strategies suggested by Dr. Juan to help you reach your weight loss goal and prevent that rebound effect from putting your health at risk.


Follow a diet that suits your tastes

Something important before choosing a diet is to be conscious of your food preferences and needs. For example, Dr. Juan suggests that like him, people who enjoy breakfast in the morning should not practice the intermittent fasting diet because it will be difficult for them to adjust to that style of eating. Plus, they won’t be able to follow it in the long run. In those cases, they can opt for a low-carb or Mediterranean diet, which may take a little longer to achieve results, but in the medium and long term, will be much more effective because time will not feel like torture. Don’t follow a fad diet or something your friend does if it doesn’t fit into your lifestyle.


Go slow, but just go

Keep it real. Going fast is not always better. Some people believe that following a low-calorie diet, which allows them to lose a large amount of weight in a short time, is the solution to their problem. The truth is that this may be the beginning of the yo-yo effect because as soon as you increase your calorie intake, you will see the scale go up again. Therefore, it is more reasonable to lose 1 or 2 pounds a week which will allow you to maintain that level of nutrition in the long term without regaining it.


Change your diet, not just your portions

If for a long time you get used to eating large portions of fried chicken, French fries, or pizza, and from one moment to another, you reduce the portions of the same foods, you will certainly lose weight. Now, that doesn't mean you're improving your health because you're still feeding your body the same kinds of food. The only way to truly improve your health is by changing your eating habits and the way you relate to food. That is, changing your mental or conscious "chip" regarding what you put in your mouth and the reasons why you do it, which is something fundamental to not go back to old habits as soon as you stop dieting or something unexpected comes that leads to losing control.


Choose a diet that makes you happy

Can someone be happy on a diet? If you think that's impossible it means you've never tried the right diet. The same thing happens to most people. Being on a diet makes them moody, irritable, and even violent. This is a red flag because as soon as you finish the sacrifice of being on a diet, you will gain the weight back! It is impossible to maintain an extremely restricted eating style in the long run. Therefore, no matter how good the results are, as soon as you stop that torture, you’ll gain the weight back. That's why it's important to have a balanced diet that gives you all the nutrition you need, in the right amount, and with a variety of foods that you enjoy eating.


Go for the safe, efficient, and realistic option

The factors that lead us to live in a constant up and down, due to the yo-yo effect, were decisive when creating Entalla. Dr. Juan and nutritionist Sabrina Hernández-Cano know that recognizing deteriorating health, especially among Hispanics, can be overwhelming. That's why they created Entalla, which is a realistic, delicious, and healthy system that anyone can feel comfortable with and see results not only on the scale but also in their health and mood. The daily menus were designed to maintain a sufficient calorie and carbs intake, plus consuming a variety of foods to meet body needs and feel satisfied for longer without starving. Also, if you compliment your diet with the Entalla supplements, reaching your goals will not only be easier, but also more enjoyable and faster.


You can't spend your life on a diet! Make a new, healthy pact with food and value what it offers you. It is not an emotional replacement or a way to overcome disappointment. It is nutrition, it is health, and it is life. It is time for you to discover it and start a new relationship with what you eat.


Let's be healthier together.

Your Santo Remedio team



Check out what Dr. Juan says on this topic here:




  1. KELLEY STROHACKER, KATIE C. CARPENTER, BRIAN K. MCFARLIN. Consequences of Weight Cycling: An Increase in Disease Risk? Int J Exerc Sci. 2009; 2(3): 191–201. Published online 2009 Jul 15. PMCID: PMC4241770 NIHMSID: NIHMS594583 PMID: 25429313
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