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Doctor Juan Alerts Us: Aspirin Could Save Your Life If You Get Coronavirus

Doctor Juan Nos Alerta: La Aspirina Pudiese Salvarte la Vida Si Te Contagias con Coronavirus

In the fight against coronavirus, we have not found many medications that reduce the risk of death in an infected person.

  • The famous Remdesevir, an antiviral, decreases the duration of hospitalization, but does not reduce mortality.

  • Studies with pconvalescent lasma have not been very promising.

  • The hydroxychloroquine Not only did it prove not to be beneficial, but in some patients it is dangerous.

  • And we all still wait for one effective and safe vaccine.

  • The only medication that has so far proven reduce the risk of death, in patients with respiratory compromise, is the dexamethasone.

A new study opens a new window: aspirin.

Researchers at the University of Maryland studied 412 hospitalized COVID-19 patients who were previously on a daily aspirin regimen (most at 81 mg) and compared them to hospitalized COVID-19 patients who had not used aspirin.

The results are revealing!

Those individuals who were using aspirin experienced:

  • 44% lower risk of needing a respirator.

  • 43% lower risk of needing hospitalization in an intensive care unit.

  • And a 47% lower risk of dying.

These results, although extremely positive, need to be validated with larger, prospective, randomized studies.

You must always Consult with your doctor before starting any type of therapy, including the use of aspirin in the context of COVID-19.

For now, if you are healthy and want to support your immune system preventively, I recommend the package healthy to strengthen the defenses of Santo Remedio containing zinc, vitamin C and echinacea, like the Vitamin D. Keep going:

  • Using your mask

  • Washing your hands frequently

  • Practicing social distancing

  • And avoiding closed and crowded places

We remain united, fighting the coronavirus!

Doctor John

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