Healthier halloween? Here’s three tips for low-sugar spooking.

Candy is a big part of Halloween. But high-sugar processed foods can be frightening for your health.

More and more people are turning to healthier Halloween alternatives, not only in candy, but in the way we celebrate Halloween. And that’s a good thing. Sugary candy hasn’t always been a staple of Halloween. It’s partly a marketing ploy for the big companies that make candy.

Here are some suggestions for taking back a healthy Halloween:

Try alternatives to handing out candy

Candy isn’t the only thing you can give out to kids that come trick-or-treating. Of course you don’t want to be “that” house that is handing out apples or toothbrushes. But what about a bouncy ball, stickers, or spooky-themed school supplies? There are lots of things that kids will love and that will still keep you as the “cool” house on the block. Non-edible treats will last longer, and many of them are even cheaper than candy.

Walk it off with those you trust

Halloween is bound to be different this year in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Please be safe if you are going out. That said, walking is a great way to turn Halloween into a family-friendly workout. If you’re going to trick or treat, make a plan with family members or neighbors that you know are free from the Coronavirus. Try to prepare small plastic bags full of any treats you’re planning to give - that way you can ensure the kids have as little contact with other kids as possible. You can also be creative and try a “Halloween on the Porch” or other safe activity. The great thing about kids is that they don’t need a big production in order to have fun.

Present healthier options in spookier ways.

It’s difficult to hand out homemade candy to the neighborhood kids because of safety concerns. But if you are among friends and family there are ways to make healthier treats. A quick internet search will reveal dozens of recipes, from healthy gummy candy to chocolate cacao sweets.

You can also take a stand as a healthy house by incorporating healthy food into your Holiday. Set up a spooky watermelon like you would a jack-o-lantern. Or create a fun family activity by bobbing for apples.

It’s possible to have a healthier Halloween if you want to. And the benefits can go beyond just improved health. You can set up your children to see the holiday differently, more as a chance to come together and meet others. And you can start to reinforce healthy habits that will serve them the rest of their lives.

Let’s get healthier, together.

Your friends at Santo Remedio

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