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Your Perfect Collagen Routine

La Rutina de Colágeno Ideal

Your skin: it’s your body’s largest organ and your first line of defense against germs and injury. If that’s not enough, having healthy and glowing skin helps you look young and feel your best.

Collagen gives skin its structure and helps strengthen bones and tendons. Unfortunately, we lose collagen as we age, which contributes to saggy skin, wrinkles, and joint pain.  

The good news is that a quality collagen supplement can help reduce some of these frustrating problems.

Collagen superpowers

In a recent study, women with an average age of 50 reported that supplementing with collagen improved their skin’s elasticity, density, and smoothness. 1

Early research shows that supplementing with collagen might reduce the effects of arthritis and improve joint pain. 2

What’s more, a 2019 study showed that men who took collagen supplements during a strength-training regimen increased their muscle mass more than those who did strength training alone. 3

Maximize your supplement’s benefits

Because your collagen levels decrease about 1% yearly from around age 20, start a supplement right away 4A supplement can preserve the collagen you already have as well as help your body make more.

Don’t bother with collagen creams. You have to ingest the collagen supplement so it can affect the deeper layers of your skin and do the most good. It doesn’t matter what time of day you take your supplement, but add it to an existing habit, such as brushing your teeth or drinking your morning coffee, so that you remember to do it daily.

Focus on collagen types 1 and 3, which are most beneficial for your skin. Types 1 and 3 are found in collagen derived from bovine (cattle) sources.

Make sure your collagen supplement also contains vitamin C because your body combines vitamin C with amino acids to make collagen.

With the right information, you can create an effective collagen regimen to improve the skin that’s constantly taking care of you.

Let’s get healthier, together,

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