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Energy Secrets of the Inca

Maca: El Secreto Energético de los Incas

How did the Inca do it?

Imagine trekking on foot among hundreds of peaks in the Andes mountains, some as tall as 15,000 feet. The llama is your only pack animal and, while useful for wool and carrying some supplies, cannot not support an adult’s weight.

Such was the life of the ancient Inca people. Until disease and steel weaponry wiped them out, the Inca upheld one of the largest empires and militaries in the western hemisphere.

In their expansive territory of more than 300,000 square miles, the Inca created thousands of miles of roadway and myriad terraced farmlands to support their population of 12 million.

12 million people is a lot of people. How did the Inca accomplish their amazing feats? You’ve got to go back to the roots....

Maca root—an ancient source of energy

Historians believe the maca root, domesticated around 3500 BC, was an important food source for the Inca that enhanced fertility, nutrition, and energy. Some even say warriors consumed this nutty-tasting root before battle to intensify their strength and stamina.

The Inca traded maca for gold. That’s how important it was for their culture. After the Spanish arrived, they too quickly learned the value of this plant and shipped tons of it to Spain as tax payments and to feed the kings.

Maca still grows in Peru in the high elevations of the Andes. Much like its Incan cultivators, maca thrives in these harsh conditions: constant frost, wind, and sun.

Perhaps it is because maca has survived this merciless environment that it can provide health benefits to us.

Scientific researching is uncovering the secrets of maca

Today, scientists support what the native peoples of Peru have known about maca for thousands of years.

  • The Inca consumed and fed their animals maca to increase fertility. Preliminary research suggests that maca actually does enhance men’s fertility. One study showed that the quality and quantity of men’s sperm improved after using maca for 12 weeks.

  • Like it did for the mountain-climbing Inca, maca is noted for its ability to boost energy. Researchers studied cyclists who supplemented with maca. After only 2 weeks, the cyclists reported that they could bike 40 kilometers in significantly less time.

  • What’s more, research has shown that supplementing with maca can increase libido for women and men. In one 12-month study, men who consumed maca reported increased sexual desire by 8 weeks. There’s a great energy booster all by itself!

Santo Remedio is all about looking back into our shared heritage and finding solutions that work for today’s modern world. Do you need more energy? Are you looking for a little more action in the bedroom? You should give maca a try and see if what worked for the amazing Inca will work for you.*

Let’s get healthier, together,

Your friends at Santo Remedio

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