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A Dangerous Equation: Obesity + Inflammation = Lowered Immunity

Obesidad + Inflamación = Sistema Inmune Más Bajo

We don't want you reading this blog thinking we refer to excess weight as an aesthetic or self-esteem issue, because it is much more than that. In 2020, we were up to our ears in information about the importance of a strong immune system and the risk factors for COVID-19, many of which are linked to metabolism-related diseases such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and heart failure, among others. Each of those conditions, in turn, are linked to obesity or being overweight. It is an issue that many are refusing to responsibly address.

We could assume that we know everything we need to know about obesity, and that we have radically changed the way we look at our health. As if we are new people, reborn! Sadly, that is not the reality of the situation. We see the same old with fast food places full of people buying the same junk to put into their bodies.

If you haven’t had any scares happen to you personally yet, aside from being grateful, maybe you can rethink things upon discovering how being overweight or obese is the starting point to a chain of negative consequences for your body.

Our intention is not to bombard you with bad vibes, on the contrary! We want you to know why it is crucial to change course as soon as possible when it comes to your health. The more you let time pass, the more difficult it will become to prevent diseases derived from excess weight from ultimately defining your well-being - and even your destiny.

The Lethal Circuit

  • Have you noticed that many overweight people also suffer from asthma, skin conditions, body aches and pains and frequently catch colds, among a long list of other ailments? It’s not a coincidence.

  • Excess weight increases inflammation within the body, also increasing the production of pro-inflammatory proteins such as leptin. On the other hand, excess weight lowers the production of anti-inflammatory hormones such as adiponectin. (1)

  • Overweight and obesity is as harmful to the immune system as malnutrition, since it diminishes the white blood cells and their ability to defend us from infections. (2)

  • This is not only true for adults, but also for children and young people.

  • The deterioration of these functions is symbiotic. Just as obesity negatively impacts the immune system, a lower response of our body’s defenses also triggers obesity. They work in tandem, feeding off and back to each other.

  • The more fat within the body, the more likely we are to become inflamed, our immunity lowered and the easier it becomes to develop diseases. (3)

The link to COVID-19

  • This link between obesity and inflammation has also been responsible for many serious cases of coronavirus and fatality. Inflammation and excess weight predispose the body to excessive blood clotting. This risk increases if infected with COVID-19, posing the possibility of thrombosis. (4)(5)

  • Overweight and obesity also increase the possibility of suffering from respiratory diseases such as asthma. (6)

  • Likewise, there are studies that show that people with obesity may be more contagious to COVID-19 because they take longer to expel air. They may also cause new strains to develop, because they aid the facilitation of the virus with their body’s inflammation. (7) None of us want to purposely create an ideal environment for COVID to thrive and grow inside of us, would we?

  • Remember that obesity also causes cerebrovascular problems, sleep apnea, sterility, osteoarthritis, complicates wound healing, increases the possibility of infections, generates hormonal disorders, heightens the risk for certain types of cancer and can even cause psychological problems.

Let's get to work

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. We refuse to wait around for authority figures to save us, think for us or tell us how to solve the issue. Not when we have the ball in our court. A few tips to remember:

  • Moderate physical activity, nothing fancy, is a scientifically proven solution to keep the dangerous circuit between obesity, inflammation and poor immunity at bay. Exercise also positively affects insulin resistance, prevents aging and reduces the formation of free radicals. (8)

  • Avoid sugars, especially those with fructose, since they are considered the main promoters of the relationship between obesity, inflammation and disease. (9)

  • If you need a guide to start making an honest and courageous change, look to our SR Diet for nutritional and exercise guideline that can help you make a huge, positive leap in your health. Our blogs also have helpful information on other various areas you should consider.

If you recognize that being overweight is a problem for you and your health, you've already taken the first step! You are just in time to take appropriate action. Talk to your doctor about your specific needs and situation - and get started!

This is the year of the brave, of those who want to go harder for better health. Are you joining the cause? Rest assured you will never regret the good you do for yourself. Bring it on!

Let's be healthier, together!

Your friends at Santo Remedio

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