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Piel Eterna is here to rescue your skin!

Piel Eterna: ¡Al rescate de tu imagen ante el mundo!

Does it bother you to see that your skin doesn’t look as you would like? Have you noticed that when you feel exhausted, sick, or depressed your skin looks dull, swollen, and even with acne? Yet, when you're relaxed, happy, and healthy, you can see how your skin is much more radiant! This happens because our skin tends to reflect how we feel inside. And it’s also an important force for our personal, professional, and social fulfillment because when we feel comfortable with our appearance, we can put our best face forward! That’s exactly what Dr. Juan wants for you, to feel your best, inside and out, so you can go towards your dreams, purposes, and goals. With this in mind, Piel Eterna was born, an innovative skincare line created to take care of your most important protective layer and what others first see from you.


A powerful fusion

Do you know what happens when a passion for preventive and holistic health, vast skincare experience, nature's best ingredients, and cutting-edge science come together? The creation of something amazing: Piel Eterna. Dr. Juan joined a team of dermatologist experts led by Dr. Leyda Bowes, who is an expert in research on techniques, ingredients, and procedures that help improve skin and fight signs of aging.


Power of nature + Ancestral knowledge + Innovation

Piel Eterna is a line that in addition to restoring and nourishing your skin, protects it from environmental changes and premature aging. But what makes it different from other brands? The answer is inside, in its formulations, because Dr. Bowes searched for the most surprising and valuable ingredients for high-quality skincare, those hidden in different parts of the world, especially on our continent. They have always been there and were used for hundreds of years by our ancestors. Today, they can be tested and mixed with other ingredients, created using the best dermatological science, in recognized laboratories.


Taking care of your skin is investing in yourself

Following our Santo Remedio philosophy, Piel Eterna is also based on the fact that taking care of ourselves is not optional, much less a luxury or simple vanity, if we want to improve, prosper, and be happy. For this reason, this line not only offers you wonderful products but also the best advice so you can have the skin you’ve always dreamed of. We’ll share tools and information that will help you understand why it is important to take care of your skin and how to set a healthy routine.

We want you to commit to yourself not only to stop the effects of time on your skin but also to reverse them! Why not? Our goal is that you feel great inside and out. Of course, it all depends on how proactive and committed you are to your skin, to yourself, and to what you want to show the world. We will work together, as we always do because we all deserve beautiful skin!


Let's be healthier, together.

Your friends at Santo Remedio.


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