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Look Better and Feel Less Pain: How to Stop Retaining Water

Elimina el líquido para que luzcas y te sientas mejor

 Dr. Juan’s advice

Watch a helpful video by Dr. Juan on the science behind water retention. 

Maybe you’ve noticed it when wrenching your rings off before bed, or when the pants that fit fine yesterday are squeezing your middle a bit too much today. What is it? It’s likely water retention. Water retention, or the buildup of excess body fluid, could be causing uncomfortable abdominal bloating, sausage fingers, puffy eyes, and swollen feet. 

Barring an underlying medical condition, a person’s level of physical activity, hormones, and diet all influence the balance of fluid in their body.

So what can you do when you’ve got that expanding feeling?


Drink, drink, drink

Wait, what? you ask. I thought I was trying to get rid of fluid. Surprisingly, drinking sufficient fluids helps you do just that. How? By decreasing the amount of sodium in your system. When you have a lot of sodium in your body, your body holds on to water to maintain the right ratio. Lower the sodium, release the excess fluid.

Want to boost your water to the next level? Add super-hydrating Will Pow(d)er, which is full of the essential electrolytes potassium and magnesium—vital nutrients that help decrease water retention.

  • Potassium helps by lowering sodium levels and increasing urine production.

  • One magnesium study found that women experienced a reduction in their premenstrual water retention when they took 200 mg of the mineral.


Enlist the right supplements

Did you know that caffeine can help remove excess body fluids by temporarily increasing urination? Our Super Slim Café and MetaBoost (with a proprietary green-tea blend) have just the right amount of caffeine to get your system going. 

That’s not all these natural products can do.


  • Super Slim Café is a delicious cafecito that can bump up your metabolism and increase your fiber intake.


    • MetaBoost intensifies your energy expenditure and includes bone-strengthening calcium.


    Bust a move

    Standing or sitting for too long can also contribute to fluid retention and swelling. Exercise is one of the most effective ways to curb water retention because it shifts fluids to active muscles.

    In addition, be sure to include movement during your day-to-day activities:

        • Get out of the elevator 1 or 2 floors before your office and take the stairs the rest of the way.

        • Park in the back of the grocery store parking lot.

        • Wander from room to room next time you’re on the phone.

    These small adjustments can make a big difference in how you look and feel. You’ll thank yourself when you slide into your favorite jeans and notice the bags under your eyes shrinking.


    Let’s get healthier, together,

    Your friends at Santo Remedio



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