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Lose weight without taking risks!

Pierde peso, ¡sin correr riesgos!

When you notice the extra pounds on the scale, your clothes, and, especially, your health, it is no surprise that you want to lose them fast and find a quick, easy fix. How-ever, as you experience the immediate side effects and sometimes more severe conse-quences, it is also easy to regret making that choice.


This happens every day to many people who opt for popular pills, diets, or injections. Af-ter the initial happiness, they begin to experience the unpleasant aftermath.


Losing weight is crucial for your well-being, especially to avoid coronary problems and serious diseases like diabetes. For this reason, your health should always be your greatest motivation to control your weight and markers, such as cholesterol, triglycer-ides, blood pressure, and sugar.


Keep in mind that, in addition to facing uncomfortable effects like vomiting, reflux, and indigestion, many alternatives to lose weight, among other things, can generate tumors in the thyroid gland. They can also affect the pancreas due to excess activity and in-flammation that causes more insulin production.


Wouldn’t you like to lose those extra pounds and control your sugar without affecting your thyroid or deteriorating essential body organs like your pancreas?


Reliable options

It is possible to lose weight and control your sugar levels in a way that does not alter other aspects of your body. That’s why we created Berberine Slim Fit. It is a formula that can be almost as effective as popular methods, but without its risks and at your own pace.


It can help deliver positive results thanks to two powerful ingredients:


  • Berberine in the patented GlucoVantage® form. A substance that has been used for hundreds of years in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine that is currently surprising by helping to increase insulin sensitivity, thus supporting the body to convert sugar into energy and not excess fat.
  • Dichrostachys glomerata, in its patented DygloFit® form, is a standardized ex-tract of a spice of African origin, which helps balance inflammatory markers and hormones, especially by improving leptin action. This hormone regulates satiety and appetite control, sending signals to the brain that the stomach feels “full,” thus preventing overeating.


Having these beneficial ingredients in their patented forms has even more advantages:


• It has 5 times more absorption capacity in the body than common berberine.

• The effect of a daily dose lasts twice as long (8 hours in total).

• The capsules are not bitter like berberine capsules usually are.



Berberine Slim Fit is the perfect complement to a comprehensive system that we offer you for free. It teaches you how and what to eat to lose weight and fully nourish yourself while improving your health.


Your body deserves a reliable method to control sugar and weight! Are you ready to achieve it?


Your Santo Remedio team

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