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Want to Look Good? Wash Your Hands

¿Quieres lucir radiante? Entonces, ¡lávate las manos!

We’re touching our faces all the time, even if we’re unaware - up to 25 times in just one hour!

That may not seem like a big deal until you consider the bacteria and viruses that can lurk on your hands—even hands that look clean.

Studies show that most people don’t properly wash their hands after using the public restroom, so you can imagine the armada of germs you’re up against when you’re out and about.

Because our hands touch so many things inside and outside our homes, they can be a superspreader for bacteria and germs. Common cold and flu viruses—and even dangerous microbes such as Salmonella and E. Coli—can live on our hands without us knowing.

Just think of the things you touch during a simple shopping trip: You stop at the bank on your way to the store to get cash out of the ATM, using a touch screen that dozens of others have used. While shopping, you’re opening doors and food cases, pushing the cart, and handling food packages—all while checking the list on your phone. Finally, you touch the buttons and screen while checking out and then head home with your groceries and a whole lot of germs and bacteria.

If your trip took a couple hours you’ve likely touched your face 50 times! You can see how easy it is to unintentionally make yourself sick or give yourself an eye infection.

What’s more, touching your face with dirty hands can introduce oils and dirt onto your face that can worsen skin conditions. You might get a dry or itchy red rash from getting irritants on your skin. A dirty face won’t help anyone battling acne or skin blemishes.

On the bright side, these problems are easily solved: wash your hands well with soap and warm water, including 20 seconds of scrubbing, before you rinse.

We all know the obvious times to wash, such as whenever you come home, before food prep, and after using the bathroom. But you may not know that to help keep your skin looking its best, you should wash your hands before you wash your face. This extra step will help prevent the transfer of irritants, oils, and bacteria from your hands onto your face.

Last tip: When you’re cleaning, use your disinfectant spray and rag to tackle a few germ hotspots for hands such as your phone, refrigerator and microwave handles, cupboard handles, door knobs, and light switches.

Your hands will be cleaner, your health will be better, and your face will be brighter.

Let’s be healthier, together,

Your friends at Santo Remedio