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Want radiant skin? Do these 5 things

¿Quieres una piel radiante? Asegúrate de hacer esto...

The skin is the largest organ of the body and is responsible for many important functions, such as temperature regulation, water transport, sensation, and protection against environmental factors. That is one of its biggest functions, to act as a barrier against external agents (1). Several studies suggest that protecting the skin and following proper cleansing procedures can help reduce the effects of aging, helping create more radiant skin (2). Caring for and loving our skin can be as easy as dedicating a few minutes a day to pampering it. If you want a picture perfect complexion, make some minor changes to your lifestyle like the simple ones we mention here. Not to mention that our skin is an important cover letter, revealing aspects of our personal hygiene.

Improve sleep quality

You've probably noticed a glow in your face after a good night's sleep, compared to how it looks after a bad night. Research reveals that poor sleep leads to earlier signs of aging and less personal satisfaction with appearance (3). That same study demonstrated that those who sleep well, report feeling more confident in their own physical attractiveness. If your nights are long and tedious, it's time to focus on improving the quality and quantity of your sleep. A good night's sleep is key to good health. Try relaxing with a natural bedtime supplement or passionflower tea.

Protect your skin from the sun

Although you may have heard this many times before, we are reminding you once again. Protecting your skin from the sun's harmful rays is essential for having youthful, radiant skin. Behind a seemingly spectacular natural tan are hidden health risks. Studies show how sunlight can be a major cause of skin cancer (4). Apply sunscreen on your face daily, and to the neck and other areas that are exposed, such as the back of your hands and arms.

Limit alcohol intake

It has been proven that skin is negatively affected by excessive alcohol consumption. Heavy drinkers tend to suffer from psoriasis, eczema, and superficial infections. Swapping alcohol for water would be the ideal alternative, for your personal health and to keep your skin looking radiant (5). When you go out for drinks, avoid overdoing it and remember to drink water in between.

Hydrate and rehydrate

And speaking of water, drinking enough of it is vital to proper functioning of the body. Water carries nutrients throughout the body, helps eliminate toxins, and works as an internal lubricant and shock absorber. On average, an adult should drink 1.5 liters of water every day, as it is the only essential liquid nutrient for hydration. Your skin will look fresh and glow naturally (6). Start and end your day drinking water. You can also try Entalla's Will Pow(d)er, which supports whole body hydration, thanks to the mix of essential electrolytes it contains.

Don't forget your daily vitamins

The skin is composed of two layers. The outer, epidermal layer acts as a barrier. The inner, dermal layer ensures strength and elasticity, and is responsible for providing nutritional support to the epidermis. Normal skin contains high concentrations of vitamin C, which stimulates collagen synthesis and helps protect against the UV rays (7). Be sure to consume foods rich in vitamin C, in addition to taking it as a supplement.

Being more radiant and beautiful is in your hands. Don’t think about taking drastic measures, just start taking care of your skin today.

Let's get healthier together.

Your friends, Santo Remedio



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