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Highlight and celebrate your Latin flavor!

¡Resalta y celebra tu sabor latino!

The time has come to show off our origins! We begin the month in which Spanish sounds more seductive than ever, our music resonates with more passion, our colors are more vibrant and our flags are united into one, which summarizes our differences and highlights that flavor that makes us unique. Hispanic Heritage Month is not just an excuse to eat the exuberance of typical dishes from each country and remember our dances. From the beginning, Santo Remedio has turned this time into a celebration of pride in our culture and a wonderful opportunity to return to the wisdom of our ancestors and their legacy, to take control of our health. Therefore, we want to help you fully enjoy this month, but at the same time, so that you can honor your roots by taking advantage of the best of what we have. How to do it? Check out.


Prevent before sorry

Dr. Juan's great concern has always been the quality of life of our Hispanic community, because unfortunately heart disease, stroke and diabetes are among our main causes of death. And obesity, a sedentary lifestyle and excessive stress are risk factors that increase these diseases. (1). Hence his emphasis on preventive health, because by modifying our habits and adding certain natural products, which are part of our cultural background, we can make a big difference in our well-being.


Grandma's medicine

Enter to Santo Remedio and look at the natural product options that can give you a hand in supporting your immunity, your heart, inflammation control, your muscles and bones, among others. Although there are dozens of options on the market, we are sure that in our line you will find what you are looking for to support those areas of your health that need to be reinforced, with a trusted product that you have probably always known, such as prickly pear, he Jamaican tea wave turmeric.


Reinvent your dishes, and enjoy them!

We are aware that staying away from the celebrations is very difficult, even when we are doing everything possible to stay focused on taking care of ourselves. It is not about leaving aside all those dishes that bring us memories of childhood and our land, it is about learning to enjoy them in a healthier way. For this, there are certain ingredients that we can replace with healthier options and cooking methods such as frying, which we can change to the grill or the oven. Human beings get used to everything, especially when the reward is better mood, less weight and more robust health. Go to our page and check the Daily menu of Entalla Tailored to you. There you will find dishes from various countries, prepared in a healthy, simple way and with ingredients that, in addition, are a valuable contribution to your well-being.


Highlight your unique Hispanic beauty

Hispanics are not a mold. We have as many tones, features and styles as there are accents. And another way to celebrate our origins is to “papapacha” our skin to show it with pride. Our line PIEL ETERNA It was designed to care for and combat precisely the main problems that our skin faces, such as acne, spots and premature aging. For this reason, our products contain products of ancestral use, which are found in various parts of the continent, such as Camu Camu and Sacha Inchi from the Amazon or maqui, a super antioxidant berry from the Chilean Andes.


Highlight the best of your Hispanicity!

We cannot fail to mention that moderation is key to continuing on the right path towards well-being. Especially, when it comes to alcohol. Your weight, your organs, your skin and your brain will thank you.

We can always improve traditions! ccelebrate smartly the Mis from the HHispanic erence, taking control and preventing those problems that interfere with your health, making use of that valuable ancestral baggage that you carry with you wherever you go.


Let's celebrate and be healthier, united.

Your team Santo Remedio





1.Office of the Deputy Director of Communications, News and Digital Media Division (DNEM). Hispanic Health. May 5, 2015 Center for Disease Control CDC.

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