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Are You Secretly Dehydrated?

¿Te Falta Agua?

It’s summer! We’re spending more time outside in the sunshine and heat, and that’s wonderful. But are we getting enough water?

Adults need 2-3 liters of water daily. Depending on the weather and your level of activity, you may need even more. Dehydration is far more common than you might think, and it can adversely affect many of the body’s systems. Here’s why it’s so important to stay hydrated:

Boost energy and brain function

Water helps you feel good, and not just because it satisfies your thirst. Studies show that at just a 2% body water loss, cognitive performance declines. Dehydration can affect memory, alertness, mood, and mental clarity. Another study found that body-water loss contributed to fatigue and feelings of anxiety. A drink of water might just give you the lift you need to get through your day.

Maximizes muscle performance

Did you know that your muscles are nearly 80% water? Dehydration can affect blood flow to your muscles, making it harder to do your activities. Not only that, water carries energy and nutrients to your muscles through the bloodstream.

It’s critical to replenish fluids when you’re active. Combine water with nutrients like calcium, potassium, and sodium. A multivitamin includes enough of these nutrients to help most people replace what they need. These nutrients, called electrolytes, regulate muscle contractions and keep all your body systems working smoothly.

What’s more, adequate fluid can lower the amount of oxidative stress your body experiences during exercise.

Supports kidneys and prevents kidney stones

Kidneys function better when you are drinking enough water. With a higher fluid intake, more urine passes through the kidneys, diluting the concentration of minerals that may accumulate and lead to kidney stones.

Relieves constipation

Eating a high-fiber diet is an important part of treating and preventing constipation. But equally important is your water intake. In fact, if you eat a lot of fiber and don’t drink enough water, you might actually make constipation worse. Along with getting enough water, minerals found in a good multivitamin can also support healthy bowel function.

Prevents headaches

Headache is one of the first symptoms of dehydration. Water is a great initial treatment option when you feel a headache coming on. In a study of 100 people with migraines, almost half reported that increasing their water intake improved their headache frequency and symptoms.

Helps with weight loss

Water boosts your metabolism and helps you feel full. Not only that, drinking water before a meal will help you eat fewer calories. In one study, researchers asked participants to drink half a liter (about 17 ounces) of water 30 minutes before lunch, dinner, and breakfast. After 12 weeks, those that drank water showed a 44% increase in weight loss over those who didn’t.

Softens hangovers

Having one too many beers? Alcohol is a diuretic, which means it can cause you to lose more fluid than you take in. To prevent possible dehydration and lessen some symptoms of a hangover (headache, fatigue, dry mouth), drink water in between alcoholic drinks and have a glass before you go to sleep.

Making sure you’re hydrated is one of the best things you can do right now to support your health. So grab a cup and bottoms up!

Let’s get healthier, together,

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