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Beauty Tips from Dr. Leyda: Common Skincare Mistakes

Tips de belleza de la Dra. Leyda: Errores que cometemos al cuidar nuestra piel

When taking care of our skin, following a healthy, balanced routine will help keep a youthful, glowing complexion. However, it is common that many tend to overdo it or choose inappropriate products that, instead of improving the texture and appearance of the skin, end up making it worse. 

That's why our PIEL ETERNA leading dermatologist, Dr. Leyda Bowes, explains the main skincare mistakes most of us make and how to correct them.


Cleansing does not mean abrasive 

One of the main mistakes happens when cleaning the face. It is common for people to use cleansers that are very aggressive and dry out the skin. To make matters worse, most people finish washing their face and follow up with an astringent toner that dries the skin even more.

Another common mistake is to use sponges and brushes to exfoliate the skin, which are too harsh for the superficial layers of the skin. It actually causes the skin to become inflamed and pigmented more easily.

Dr. Bowes and her team of dermatologists created the PIEL ETERNA Purifying Cleanser to deeply cleanse the face without stripping the skin's layers. This product contains Ceramide Complex, Green Tea, Aloe, Camu Camu, Sacha Inchi, Squalane, Vitamin E, and Essential Rose Water. This formulation helps to deeply remove impurities from the face, including makeup, without damaging the skin. Its ingredients, such as green tea, go directly to the pores to cleanse, detoxify, hydrate, and provide antioxidants to help improve the skin. 


Men and skincare after shaving

A common mistake men make after shaving is using lotions or perfumes instead of specific creams that help calm the irritation caused by shaving. Those lotions usually include alcohol, which strips the skin's natural oils, drying and inflaming it. Then the inflamed and dry skin becomes hyperpigmented and cannot tolerate other products.

Dr. Bowes suggests using our Moisturizing Face Cream as it contains a combination of key ingredients, such as Camu Camu, Hyaluronic Acid, Ectoin, Sacha Inchi, Aloe Barbadensis, Ceramides, Chia, Calendula, Bisabolol, Vitamin E, and Niacinamide. It is not a product exclusively created for women; on the contrary, it was developed focusing on both Hispanic women and men. This cream helps fight signs of aging, such as expression lines and wrinkles, and calms and regenerates irritated skin. Calendula and bisabolol do just that.


Thicker does not mean better

Another important aspect of proper skin care is to understand that although the excessive use of lotions and toners is not a good option because it excessively dries out the skin, neither is using very thick and greasy facial creams, because, far from helping, they clog the pores and can cause acne.

A good face cream should have a medium consistency, being light enough not to clog pores, but with the intensity of ingredients that penetrate and renew the skin barrier. For this reason, PIEL ETERNA products, such as the Moisturizing Face Cream and the Revitalizing Eye Cream, have the perfect consistency to benefit and take your skin to the next level.

All the PIEL ETERNA products are created to protect, moisturize, fight signs of aging and reduce inflammation, an important aspect that Hispanics should be aware of as the skin tends to easily get irritated and develop acne breakouts and pigmentation.

If you are making any of these mistakes, now is the time to correct them. Take care of your skin the right way and be amazed by the remarkable changes you will see day after day in the mirror!


Let's be healthier together.

Your Santo Remedio team

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