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Tips to naturally increase leptin and lose weight!

Tips para aumentar naturalmente la leptina, ¡y bajar de peso!

Tips to naturally increase leptin and lose weight!

Are you surprised to see that there is a hormone capable of influencing weight loss? She shouldn't, because she's not the only one intervening either. It must be recognized that the blessed hormones play a fundamental role in keeping our body in balance. Therefore, if we do not treat them appropriately, the result is completely opposite and leads us to lose it. That's what happens with the leptin, a hormone that is derived from adipose tissue. That is, from fat, and it interacts with brain signals, regulating our diet and our energy expenditure.(1) . It is important to pay attention to it to learn to control it and thus make better decisions when feeding ourselves. For this reason, our nutritionist Sabrina Hernandez-Cano teaches us to know her and shares her best tips to increase it naturally, and lose weight!

How does leptin work?

First, you should know that there is another hormone called ghrelin, created mainly in our stomach, which, among many other tasks, is responsible for sending the hunger signal to the brain.(2). Of course if we are hungry, we satisfy it by eating. And that is when leptin takes center stage, because how much we are going to eat will depend on it.

Leptin is commonly known as the satiety hormone. Its main role is to check how much energy we need to continue functioning. Accordingly, it gives the signal to the brain that we are satiated or that we need more food.(3)

Although leptin is produced from the fat cells in our body, it does not mean that the more accumulated fat we have, the more leptin we will produce. Quite the opposite. When there is too much fat in the body, the brain ignores the leptin signal. Therefore, the more overweight a person is, the more difficult it is for them to regulate, because it generates leptin resistance.


How do we know if our leptin is working properly?

A simple way to find out is through our “need” for food. If we eat a normal portion of food and feel full, this tells us that it is working well. But if we have a hard time stopping eating, it's definitely a sign that leptin is dysregulated.

Other cases of malfunction occur when a person is malnourished or without proper nutrition. Leptin reduces the need to search for food. Therefore, in a diet that is too strict, when there is an illness or excessive exercise, leptin is also reduced and the brain is forced to give the signal of uncontrolled hunger.


How to regulate leptin naturally?

Our nutritionist shared with us the best ways to achieve it naturally. Let's see.


  • Add foods that increase leptin

Although there are no foods that contain leptin, some facilitate its production or intervene in a better metabolism, which has an impact on the entire process to produce it.

To regulate leptin you need fresh foods, high in fiber, healthy fats and proteins. Not simple carbohydrates. Among the best are:

—Grapefruit or grapefruit

—Whole grains


—Fish high in healthy fats such as omega 3

—Almonds and walnuts

—Spinach and green leafy vegetables


All of these foods help reduce sensitivity to the hormone. They also help satisfy appetite, thanks to their high fiber and good fat content. They support our correct nutrition and keep our metabolism active. Some, like grapefruit, help us burn fat. They also promote intestinal transit. In addition, they reduce fatigue and help us lower bad cholesterol. You can support your daily intake of these foods with a protein shake Entalla and Super Slim Café to guarantee more fiber.


  • Allow time between meals

Recent studies show that allowing 3 to 4 hours to pass between meals helps improve fat and blood sugar levels. This occurs by giving the body time to use what we have just given it. If we eat too often, we raise insulin levels, putting the body in an inflammatory state. That complicates leptin's job because the body doesn't know when it really needs food.


  • Rest properly

Getting enough sleep also helps regulate hormones in general and of course, those involved in eating. A good supplement that can help achieve rest and, in the process, support the central nervous system and restore hydration to the body is Will Pow(d)er.


  • Avoid sugar and alcohol

These are powerful enemies of leptin's good performance. Keep in mind that dietary sugar is not an option.


  • Moderate exercise

Sessions of moderate and constant exercise, that is, several times a week, help to raise leptin and of course, to lose fat, which also favors the proper functioning of this hormone.


Consider these tips and if you still haven't taken action to control your weight, now is the perfect time to do so! Check out Entalla to see how to start in a simple but organized way, with all the help available to achieve the goal you set and the supplements that can help make the journey easier. You can also join our social networks and support group Entalla where you can have access to more information and clarify your doubts. Knowing the different factors that influence our weight and taking control of these is the direct path to success.


Let's be healthier, together.

Your team Santo Remedio.




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