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Beauty secrets, to look like the famous ones!

Secretos de belleza, ¡para lucir como las famosas!

No need for a scalpel nor of treatments at exorbitant prices, some celebrities use simple remedies homemade or products within our reach to stay beautiful and radiant, at any age. Today we share some with you tips of beauty that you can do to look like a star, in the comfort of your home.


1. Apply ice cubes to your face

The secret of Kate Moss, Maite Perroni and Lady Gaga, among other, To have perfect skin, wash your face with cold water in the morning.. TOsomething as easy as going tol refrigerator and take some ice cubes to put them in a bowl along with some cucumber slices. ANDyessimple trick It is perfect for making the skin look firm and very fresh. If you dare to do this tip of beauty, remember to apply afterands one Moisturizing Facial Cream to deeply nourish your skin and restore its natural glow.


2. Remove makeup completely

No doubt that Thalía is one of the icons of Latin beauty and that she seems to be going against the clock, because with each passing year she looks better. She is very generous in sharing her secrets and one of these is always removing her makeup before going to sleep.. No matter the time, like a ritual, She removes all her makeup and washes her face. In addition to this good habit, it is important to use a Purifying Cleanser daily to remove all impurities, refresh your skin and moisturize in depth thanks to ceramides (1). Use it in the morning and at night.


3. Meditate and rest

Eva Longoria and Katy Perry meditate daily before going to bed and alsoandThey don't practice yoga. What does this have to do with beauty? A lot! It is proven that taking a few minutes out of your dayJust for you, while you meditate, reduce stress levelses, improves concentration and helps what do you knowyou feel and look better (2). Resting and sleeping well is another way to maintain your beauty, you can help yourself with a supplement of Ashwagandha either of Melatonin to sleep deeply, allowing your skin cells to regenerate.


4. Take vitamine C

Mother of two children, businesswoman, singer-songwriter and filántropaShakira is another of those women who continue to see each other spectacular with the passing of the yearsyou. She has shared that one of her Her favorite secrets to maintaining her amazing skin is using sunscreen and of Vitamin C (3). Naomi Campbell is other fan of this vitamin, like of the consumption of a supplement collagen daily. This beauty combo ensures you fill your skin with antioxidants and nutrients to protect it from premature aging.


5. Have a beauty routine

Another very talented actress who Marcela Carvajal looks better every day. The Colombian maintains a simple, but very effective routine skincare with the products of PIEL ETERNA, ideal for the busy life she leads doing film, theater and television. She performs three easy steps every night: wash her face with the Purifying Cleanser, afteres applies a light layer of A.C.E. Intensive Regenerating Oil with Retinol, and finally, use the Moisturizing Facial Cream. This is how she maintains that enviable skin, which practically requires no makeup.


6. Use glasses Sun

Have you noticed that all the movie stars and tv do they use dark glasses? This weonly gives them a look mysterious, tooIt serves to protect the delicate skin of the eyelids from the sun's rays, cell phone screens and the powerful lights of the rooms. flashes that can contribute to the aging of the eye area. Some sunglasses with UV filtereitherThey'll make you look amazing, They will avoid deteriorating your look. And if you complement it with Revitalizing Eye Cream could be even more captivating, thanks to its ingredients such as seaweed and hexapandptido-8, which hydrate the skin and soften expression lines.

¡look like a star It is not impossible! Beauty always starts from within and is complemented by a great attitude and a broad smile. Now you have everything to dazzlel the world, with your own style.

Your team,

Santo Remedio 



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