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The Easy Trick To Maximize The Benefits Of Turmeric

Un Sencillo Truco Para Sacarle El Máximo Beneficio A La Cúrcuma

Turmeric is a spice used by cultures all over the world to make delicious food. But it’s a spice with a secret identity: When used as a supplement, it contains substances that can help reduce inflammation.

Why is that important? Because chronic inflammation is at the root of many of the world’s most deadly long term diseases, from diabetes to heart disease to dementia.

Less inflammation in your body could help you have better weight loss results, better sleep, better ability to fight off viruses, and less joint pain. In short, it’s a big deal to have a healthy inflammatory response. And turmeric can help.

But there’s a catch, which is how to get the effective compounds in turmeric, called curcuminoids out of your digestive system and into your cells. This is called bioavailability.

Many turmeric supplements on the market don’t deliver enough bioavailable curcuminoids to effectively reduce inflammation. But, no matter what turmeric supplement you are taking, there are ways to increase the bioavailability of turmeric. Here’s three ways to get more out of your turmeric supplement.

1. Choose Organic

Does your favorite turmeric supplement use all parts of the turmeric root, in organic forms? Or does it just contain a generic “Turmeric Root Powder” as its only ingredient? Turmeric is a very popular supplement these days, and unfortunately there are brands trying to capitalize and make a quick buck with a cheap source or poor formulation. If your supplement doesn’t use organic turmeric root it might be a sign that you aren’t going to get the curcuminoids you need to make it effective.

2. Pair it with Black Pepper

Turmeric and black pepper are a strange match made in heaven. Pepper contains a compound called piperine which helps the absorption and bioavailabiliy of the curcuminoids in turmeric. Pretty cool, huh? Most quality turmeric supplements will already contain black pepper, so you don’t have to worry about grinding it yourself and taking it with your turmeric supplement.

3. Pair it with Ginger

Ginger has long been used as a traditional remedy for inflammation. When choosing a good turmeric supplement you’ll want to find one that doesn’t rely on turmeric alone, but also uses other synergistic remedies for a more likely chance at a positive result.

So, your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to find a turmeric supplement that’s organic and that contains both ginger and blackpepper. That’s your best shot for bioavailability when it comes to curcuminoids.

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