SALE! Products up to 60% discount.

SALE! Products up to 60% discount.

Grocery Shopping List - Week 8


5oz canned tuna in water

½ pound of turkey

4 oz smoked salmon

4 oz lean ground beef

6oz salmon

2 eggs

2oz deli turkey



1 red onion

2 celery

2 cups raw spinach

1 head of garlic

1 packet of mushrooms

Spiraled zucchini

2 red bell peppers

1 head of Romaine lettuce

2 cups asparagus

White onion

Pack of mini sweet peppers



1 cup of blackberries

2 tbsp raisins

3 avocados

1 apple

2 banana

1 pkg fresh strawberries

1 pear

1 cucumber

1 Pack of cherry tomatoes


Whole grains

Raw oats

Whole grain bread

2 Rice cakes


Healthy Fats

1 bottle Avocado mayonnaise

Olive oil

1 pkg Pistachios

1 pkg walnuts

1 jar Almond butter

1 pkg sliced Almonds

1 pkg almonds



1 Cilantro bunch




Sunflower seeds

Dijon mustard



Green olives

1 cup marinara sauce

Sesame seeds

Vanilla extract


1 tbsp cocoa


Garlic powder

Pear vinegar


Dairy & nondairy

1 container almond milk

1 container Greek yogurt

1 pkg mozzarella cheese

1 container parmesan

1 pkg shredded cheddar cheese

1 pkg  sour cream


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