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Grocery List | Week 4

Lista de Compras | Semana 4


Mixed nuts, small package
Golden raisins, small box
Pistachios, small package
Flax seeds, small package
Almond, small package
Pine nuts, small package
Walnuts, small package
Quinoa, small package
Roasted chestnuts, small bag
Chia seeds, small bag
Sesame seeds, small bag


Almond milk, small carton
Shredded low-fat mozzarella cheese, small bag
Plain Greek yogurt, medium container
Swiss cheese, small container
Cottage cheese, small container
Vanilla yogurt, small container
Feta cheese, small package


Mango (1)
Kiwi (1)
Orange (1)
Lemon (5)
Papaya (1)
Blackberries, small box
Avocados (4)
Strawberries, small box
Green or red apple (1)
Blueberries, small box
Raspberries, small box
Orange juice
Pineapple juice
Green grapes
Pineapple (whole or canned)
Banana (1)


Cucumber (1)
Scallion sprigs (3)
Romaine lettuce (1 bunch)
Baby carrots, small bag
Frozen mixed vegetables, small bag
Baby spinach, small bag
Romaine lettuce (2 bunches)
Red onions (3)
Portobello mushrooms, small box
Red bell pepper (2)
Green bell pepper (1)
Yellow bell peppers (1)
Orange bell pepper (1)
Asparagus, small bag
Spaghetti squash (2)
Broccoli (1 bunch)
Grape tomatoes (4)
Cherry tomatoes, small box
Green beans (½ pound)
Eggplant (1)
Cauliflower (1)
Celery (1)
Artichoke hearts, small bottle
Spouts, small package


Santo Remedio vanilla protein
Santo Remedio chocolate protein


Fresh ginger, 1 small root
Garlic cloves, 1 medium head
Fresh rosemary, 1 sprig
Fresh mint, 1 bunch
Thyme, 1 bunch
Lemon zest
Lemon juice, small bottle
Vanilla extract, small bottle
Cinnamon, small bottle
Italian herbs, small bottle
Cumin, small bottle
Garlic powder, small bottle
Cilantro, 1 bunch
Parsley, 1 bunch
Salt, small bottle
Ground black pepper, small bottle
Cayenne, small bottle
Oregano, small bottle
Vegetables spray oil, small bottle
Balsamic vinegar, small bottle
Smoked paprika, small bottle
Pear or rice vinegar, small bottle
Dijon mustard, small jar
Tomato sauce, 1 can
Worcestershire sauce, small bottle
Vegetable broth
Beef stock


Salmon fillets, 6 ounces each (3)
Tuna can (1)
Shrimps, ½ pound


Eggs whites, small carton
Eggs, ½ dozen
Chicken breasts (4)
Lean steak, 6 ounces (2)
Canned chicken (1)
Turkey, 6 ounces
Pork loin, 6 ounces
Tofu, small package


Avocado mayonnaise
Olive oil
Butter spray
Peanut butter
Almond Butter


Oatmeal, small box
Ezequiel bread, small package
Quinoa, small box
Popcorn, small box
Wheat waffle
Sweet potatoes (2)
Mini potatoes (6)
Wheat bread
Whole wheat pancakes


Black beans


Brown sugar
Maple syrup
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