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5 Habits that are ruining your skin

5 Hábitos que están arruinando tu piel

Skin care should be a priority in our daily routine to look radiant. However, we may have some customs or habits that are slowly withering it. The details matter and more when it comes to the care of our skin. That's why, here we tell you whichthey are the 5 hectaresBites that you should stop starting today, to have beautiful skin.


1. Go to bed without removing your makeup

We insist a lot on cleansing our faces and it doesn't hurt.s remember it. It is very important to completely remove makeup, toxins and sweat every night before going to sleep so that the skin can take advantage of the hours of rest and regenerate. Use a Purifying Cleanser to clean in depth and refresh your face, in additions about nourishing your skin, thanks to ingredients like vitamin E (1). Continueafterands with the Moisturizing Facial Cream to help reduce the lineslines of expression and wrinkles.




2. Choosing the wrong products

Your skin deserves the best and If you apply low-quality products or those that are not suitable for your skin, it can be risky. FiPay attention to the ingredients they contain, as well as the nutrients they provide to your face, like the entire range of products with technologyto advanced of PIEL ETERNA. AArea that usually reveals the passage of time is the delicate skin around our eyes; pTo take care of it properly you can apply daily the Revitalizing Eye Cream, that can help restore freshness to the look and reduce the lineslines of expression, thanks to the fact that it containshyaluronic acidunique (2)


3. Forgetting to use sunscreen

It is one of the main errors and one of the most It causes premature aging of our skin. We must put a layer of blocker not sowhen we go outdoors, too when we are in front of the computer or cell phone screen, since the light they emit can cause spots and wrinkles to appear on our face. Radiance Solar Primer can help provide that protection from UV and UVA rays while leaving a light, smooth layer of color that adapts to the skin tone.


4. Lack of consistency in beauty routine

lconstancy will always be the basis of andsuccess to have healthy and beautiful skin. If some sayThis is how you clean your face and others don't if only sometimes you use creams, it iss hurting your face. AlsoandYou must consume essential nutrients regularly for them to work on your skin, such as Vitamin C, that help to avoid premature aging (3) and by the way, strengthen your immune system.


5. Poor diet

A diet high in sugarCarbs and saturated fats result in a poor diet and that is reflected in your skin. Fill your body with nutrients It is important for healthy skin and a healthy body. Nor forget to complement with Collagen to help the health of your skin and retain its elasticity (4).

The secret to beautiful and healthy skin is in the good timesbits. Have a correct routine will make you look radiant at all times and alsoandn will make you improve your overall health. We have the best products and tips to help you look better than ever. Your task is to put them into practice.

Your team, Santo Remedio






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