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5 Steps to Lose 8 to 10 Pounds Before Summer

5 Pasos para perder de 8 a 10 libras antes del verano

Are you ready to fully enjoy this summer looking your best? Well, you’re just in time to get to work and shed those extra pounds that make you feel heavy, tired, and uncomfortable. Plus, look your best and feel confident wearing a swimsuit!

The good news is that we have a complete and easy-to-carry-out system, which, in a matter of a few weeks, can help you eliminate a few pounds to enjoy the summer in better shape and with the right attitude to have fun under the sun. Here are 5 effective and safe steps using our 2-1-2 formula to achieve it

1. Download our free 28-day plan

Our eating plan supports a healthy heart and helps you lose weight by following the 2-1-2 formula, which has proven the best results.

It involves consuming two protein shakes, a light meal, and two healthy snacks a day. In our plan, you will find examples of how to put together your menu for each week and a list of recommended foods for the 28 days. You will see how, while losing weight, you also help improve your cardiovascular health.


2. Get your weight loss kit

Losing weight is not easy because there are many factors involved, such as cravings, metabolism, or mood changes. To support you in each of these aspects you have our weight loss kit. It contains products that help reduce cravings, increase energy, improve intestinal health, provide essential minerals for body recovery and muscle relaxation, and keep the nervous system focused on your goal.


3. Commit to walking 20 minutes a day

Walking helps support the heart and is a great way to burn calories. A 20-minute walk a day can burn between 90 and 110 calories. This impacts weight loss by 10 to 12 pounds per year. More important than these figures are that, according to research, walking 20 minutes a day can help you live longer by reducing the risk of premature death by between 16% and 30%.


4. Drink only water and eliminate liquid sugar, including alcohol!

The problem with liquid calories is that they do not satisfy hunger, on the contrary! They stimulate the body to eat more. More calories mean extra pounds. That extra glass of wine may seem harmless, but it contains calories that slow down your weight loss goal, and you may not even notice it.  


5. Sleep well! 

Lack of sleep can cause you to eat more. What’s worst is that you will crave food with sugar and fat. Not sleeping well also reduces your energy to stay active, go for walks, and commit to your exercise routine. Our website has tips and products that can help improve your sleep for proper rest.


If you need more motivation to start losing weight, watch this video. We are here to support you!  


Your Santo Remedio team

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