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5 Original Christmas Gifts for Dad

5 Regalos originales de Navidad para papá

Forget socks, shirts or ties! The parents of the house also work very hard and if you give them a little extra help so that they have more energy, vitality and good health, they will surely thank you! Home well-being begins with the good health of everyone at home. Let Dad know how much you love him with these gifts that we are sure he will enjoy!


1. If he is a loverthe coffeeand…

Coffee time It is a tradition that we enjoy a lot at home. ANDIt's the time to chat, share and relax. Give dad aSuper Slim Coffee. ORn rich and smooth coffeeandColombian, who alsos containing 5 grams of fiber per serving, it can help burnof fats(1). Is Un excellent contribution ofenergy and nutrition,while helping to increase yourmetabolism. Land will love!


2. If you want to take care of your sugar

This one to theñor surpriseandSend it with an original gift. Cuígive it with the star product of Santo Remedio, heSuper Nopal. Thanks to your FÓEXCLUSIVE RMULA and enhanced with chromium picolinate, Super Nopal will help youto maintain healthy sugar levelscar in the blood(2). This way, you will bes giving a good dose ofhealth and wellness!


3. So you can rest better

Give him a present that makes him feel on cloud nine. With theMelatonin Gummies will be ablesleep like a little angel and wake up refreshed, as they help regulate sleep patterns(3). You can complement your gift with a supplement ofAshwagandha to help you cope with stressis moderate, collaborating so that little by little it achieves A deserved rest. Now yes... sweet dreams!


4. What is it for?and mores handsome

So that his face looks like that of a galámovie numberdam, damlale this ChristmasMoisturizing Facial Cream of PIEL ETERNA to hydrate your skin and protect it from the coldeither. Surely alsoandyou won't like itsomething that helps you reduce the problemslines of expression, such asA.C.E. Intensive Regenerating Oil with Retinol, since thanks to its powerful combinationn ofantioxidants, Helps improve the appearance of the skin and eliminates spots caused bySun(4)


5. Take care of your heart

And so that dad isandmuch moreIt's healthy, tooYou have to consent and take care of your heart. With theOmega 3 you can give him that support so that you have better cardiovascular health. There are studies that confirm that this fatty acidimproves cholesterol levelsin the blood(5). And if you complement it withResveratrolsurely hewill remaindelighted! This, pBecause it has been proven that it is an excellent aid for the health of our engine.(6)

Now you know whatandoriginal and purposeful giftsyou can give it to dad. Qbut above all, they are gifts full of affection and health, so that he feels how important he is to you. Give a presentwelfare those we love are always an excellent option to enjoy during these holidays.

Your team,Santo Remedio.



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