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7 tips for weight loss after pregnancy

7 tips para bajar de peso luego del embarazo


After nine months growing to your cutest treasure, it's time to get your body back and fit in your jeans favorites. This is probably the most difficult postpartum aspect for every woman. While many would like the extra pounds to go with the baby's arrival, sadly it's not. That is why we share several tips so that little by little you get to your weight before pregnancy and have the energy to enjoy this new stage of mother.

1. Lactation

Although each mother decides whether she will breastfeed her baby or not, studies show that the body burns between 400 to 500 calories each day when breastfeeding (1). Burning these calories helps many moms lose weight without having to do much. Lactar stimulates the release of hormones that help shrink the uterus and postpartum tummy. In addition, breastfeeding has countless healthy benefits for your baby, such as helping to prevent disease, creating antibodies, and providing ideal nutrition.


2. High-fibre foods

Studies show that consuming foods rich in fiber support weight loss (2). In addition, they help reduce blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol and fight constipation. For your next supermarket visit, be sure to add foods such as avocados, lentils, oats, almonds and raspberries. Another simple solution to increase fiber intake is the Skinny Yummy Gummy that support good digestion and a healthy gut and contain prebiotics.


3. Consume more protein

Including more protein in your diet can help boost metabolism, decrease appetite, and reduce calorie intake. Studies show that the protein has a higher thermal effect than other nutrients so the body uses more energy to digest it and results in burning more calories (3). On the other hand, the protein reduces the hunger hormone known as ghrelin, which helps to feel satisfied for longer. Some examples of healthy proteins are: eggs, almonds, chicken, Greek yogurt and fish.


4. Avoid highly processed foods

Processed foods are usually very high in sugar, fat, salt and calories and do not bring any health benefits. On the contrary, they delay the process of weight loss. These include: sweets, ready meals, cookies, processed cheeses, sugary cereals, among others. We know that with the arrival of a baby the kitchen moves to a second plane. For easy-to-prepare and healthy recipes, check out our Menus of Entalla, where there are many delicious, nutritious and simple options, prepared by our nutritionist Sabrina Hernandez-Cano. We know you'll love it!


5. Move more

Just like cooking, taking time out to exercise can be more complicated with a baby. However, moving your body has many benefits for physical and mental health. After you have your doctor's approval to start, take out at least 20 minutes a day to exercise. This will help to burn calories, improve your cardiovascular health, decrease the risk of diabetes, among others. An easy way is to walk your baby in the car around the park. In this way together they can enjoy the fresh air and consolidate affective time.


6. Baby more water

Taking enough water is vital to be able to lose weight, as water can increase satiety, speed up metabolism and decrease constipation. However, this is even more important for nursing mothers because it is important to replace the lost liquid through milk production. Make sure you take at least eight glasses of water a day.


7. Get enough sleep

We know this is the most complicated thing! Your baby will be rising constantly, thus affecting your sleep pattern. Studies show that lack of sleep is related to retaining more weight after pregnancy (4). Try to take turns with your partner to be able to rest or seek help from a relative to get at least seven hours of sleep. We also recommend the package Sleep Well and Control Your Stress that can help you feel more calm and reconcile sleep.


Becoming a mother for the first time is exciting and overwhelming at once. Remember that your health and well-being is just as important as your baby's. Reaching a healthy weight after pregnancy is recommended, but you shouldn't add more stress and anxiety. It incorporates small changes to achieve long-term results. Support family and friends to help you at home and with your baby.


Let's be healthier, together.

Your team Santo Remedio.






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