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Meet Marilyn and find out how she went from size XL to M in 4 months!

Conoce a Marilyn y cómo pasó de talla XL a M, ¡en 4 meses!

It is very frustrating to look into the mirror and see reflected the image of something you don’t want! It doesn’t take a lifetime of being overweight to experience that frustration and disappointment. That is what happened to Marilyn, a Puerto Rican mother from Ponce. Her sadness and concerns made her lose control of her weight and her life. However, she is a determined woman and decided to take action. In 4 months, she lost 25 pounds with Entalla, going from a size XL to a size M. How did she do it? She shares it with us.


Deceitful Emotions

Marilyn, unlike many people, had never been overweight before. However, her mother recently got sick, which made her anxious and concerned. As a result, she drowned her worries in the kitchen, overeating. It doesn't take long to see the results on the scale and on clothes. And that is precisely what happened to Marilyn who, without realizing it, weighed 170 pounds, and had to change all her clothes for larger sizes.


A hit for her self-esteem

Buying clothes for Marilyn became a challenge. She saw that all those clothes that she liked did not fit her anymore, and just looking at herself in the mirror depressed her. She also stopped taking pictures and avoided them simply because the image she saw of herself was not what she wanted. Yet, the straw that broke the camel's back was when she bought a beautiful dress for a special family party and found that it didn't fit her because of those extra pounds. That moment was a turning point and the beginning of her transformation.


Marilyn's plan

Marilyn had tried several methods to lose weight, which none worked, and she would quit halfway. But when her sister told her about Dr. Juan, she started following him on social media and felt that the Entalla system he was talking about was exactly what she needed for a real transformation. She immediately began to carefully follow his advice.

The first thing she did was: reduce sugars and carbohydrates from her diet, while ordering her complete Entalla Kit, including the Super Slim Café, MetaBoost, Skinny Yummy Gummy, Will Pow(d)er, and proteins, to support her process.




On October 24, Marilyn began using the supplements, and already, after the first month, she could see and feel the difference, motivating her to continue towards her goal. In four months, she lost the first 25 pounds and noticed a big change not only in her clothes size but in how she felt healthier and more energetic.

Marilyn is determined not to let her ups and downs control her life again. That’s why, she continues to exercise and rigorously follow the Entalla system, taking the supplements and following step by step the advice of Dr. Juan and the nutritionist Sabrina Hernández-Cano. She is also committed to her journey to reach her best version. She does it for her children and herself. As well as to have an improved quality of life from now on, which allows her to fully enjoy the life she deserves.


Become our next success story!

You can also achieve a total transformation to feel more confident, healthier, and, of course, happier. You can stop living on excuses and take action because your health needs it. You deserve to live life to your measure, without limiting yourself from carrying out activities, wearing certain clothes, or having certain jobs because you are not physically able to do them. It stops now! Leave all limitations behind.

Join our Entállate challenge, just like Marilyn did, and begin to experience that transformation you have dreamed of for so long. Not only physically, but for your overall health to live life to the fullest. Become our next success story!


Let's be healthier together.

Your Santo Remedio team





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