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Roberto Tualla lost 20 pounds in just 15 days!

Roberto Tualla: ¡20 libras menos en 15 días! 

Unbelievable, right? In his first two weeks of the Entállate de Costa a Costa challenge, he was able to lose all that weight. Roberto, from Mexicali, Baja California, who currently lives in Casa Grande, Arizona, works as a welder and is devoted to his family. He is determined to reach his goal of losing 60 pounds because he wants to improve his health, lower his cholesterol, and eliminate the risk of having diabetes. This is not the first time he tries to lose weight, but this time, he feels it is different. Now he has nutritional, emotional, and professional support: the supplements that support his weight loss journey and the guidance of Dr. Juan and the nutritionist Sabrina Hernández-Cano.





Red flags

Roberto has always been overweight, but he remained active and didn’t have major health issues when younger. However, after turning 40, things began to change. He weighed almost 300 pounds, and his blood tests showed high triglycerides and prediabetes. He knew he was in trouble, especially since his father suffered from heart disease, something he might also have. 


Failed attempts

In the past ten years, he tried at least two times to lose weight. On one occasion, he succeeded. Thus, the feedback he received from closed ones and perhaps not doing things correctly made him put the weight back on. That’s why losing weight the right way and having a support system are key to being successful, which he now has.


Committed to a new plan

When Roberto found out about the Entállate de Costa a Costa challenge in Despierta América, he immediately thought this would be the perfect opportunity to change. His daughter-in-law is a fan of Dr. Juan and uses his products, so he knew he was in good hands.

Roberto was so eager to start his transformation process that he began 5 days before the rest of the participants. At first, he chose a low-carb, keto diet, but made some dietary mistakes, like having meals high in saturated fat. This is a common mistake when following keto diets. Even though they can help with weight loss, having meals high in saturated fat and calories can block the arteries, increase heart risk, and develop liver or gallbladder problems, among others.

To lose weight and keep it off, it’s important to change your lifestyle habits by having a balanced diet and moving more every day. This is what our Entalla system consists of to help you improve your health inside out.


The right support

Each of our participants has the support of Dr. Juan and our nutritionist Sabrina Hernández-Cano. She carefully follows each of our participants’ journeys to provide the right guidance and tips to succeed. And that includes Roberto. Sabrina helped him make better health decisions following the Entalla system to continue his weight loss process effectively.

Roberto received his complete Entalla Kit with all the products, including our Super Slim Café, MetaBoost, Skinny Yummy Gummy, Will Pow(d)er, and protein, to support his transformation process. His favorite product is the gummies because they are packed with probiotics and fiber and taste like candy! “I haven’t felt anxious. Eating smaller portions makes me feel satisfied and happy. One of the problems I've had before (when trying to lose weight) is that I'd get cranky. That's why my wife wanted me to quit,” Roberto told us.





Today, his family is his main support, especially his wife as well as his son who joins him every day to exercise. He also is part of a special group of the Entállate challenge participants with whom he communicates often to share their achievements, obstacles, and tips to reach the best results.

We are confident that Roberto will reach his goal of losing 60 pounds by the end of this journey. Or even more! Because he has the determination, passion, and motivation from the Entalla team, and knows that everything that he needs to succeed is at his reach.

You can also join Roberto and the other participants from home in the Entállate de Costa a Costa challenge, lose the weight you want, improve your health, and your quality of life. You will have the support of the Entalla supplements and access to a complete meal menu with delicious recipes. You will also have tips and information from our nutritionist Sabrina Hernández-Cano. Plus, you can join the Entalla community, where you will find motivation, empathy, and companionship, all essential factors to achieve success in a total transformation, physically and mentally.


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