¡SALE! Enjoy up to 67% off supplements! Compra →

¡SALE! Enjoy up to 67% off supplements! Compra →

Natural Remedy for Stress

Are you ready to stress less?

We give you, Ashwagandha. We hispanics might not know much about Ashwagandha, as it mainly grows in India and north Africa, but this amazing natural remedy is impressing scientists and users all over the world, especially as a stress reliever. Here’s 3 facts and 3 science-based benefits of Ashwagandha.

Fact #1:

Ashwagandha has over 3,000 years of use as a major component of Ayurvedic medicine. It is revered by cultures in India for its many health benefits. When searching out new remedies, it’s always a great idea to choose ones that have been proven safe and effective over thousands of years.

Fact #2:

Its natural form is a small shrub with yellow flowers. These flowers, as well as the roots of the plant, are ground into powder to create Ashwagandha supplements.

Fact #3:

We could do a whole series of articles about Ashwaganda’s clinically studied benefits - they range from things like reduced blood sugar, to anticancer properties, even to increased testosterone and endurance in men. It truly is an incredible remedy. But, today, let’s focus on stress....

Benefit #1 Ashwagandha Can Lower your Cortisol Levels

Cortisol is a stress hormone that the body produces in fight-or-flight scenarios. But even moderate amounts of excess cortisol can have dangerous health effects. It can cause tiredness, weight gain, impaired brain function, and even lower our body’s ability to fight infections. Studies have shown that Ashwagandha supplementation may lower cortisol levels up to 30% in adults.

Benefit #2 Ashwagandha Can Improve Sleep Quality.

Tired of waking up tired? Studies have shown that Ashwaganda may help increase sleep quality, especially in older adults. Not only does it show promise as a sleep aid, it may also be able to help you wake up more alert and focused.

Benefit #3 Ashwagandha Fights Chronic Stress.

Chronic stress is a bad place to be. The feeling of running on empty. Nights with bad sleep compounded with harried days. Luckily, our body has processes to adapt to stress. We can support our adaptogenic processes with Ashwagandha, a natural adaptogen. Clinical studies have shown that Ashwagandha can significantly reduce chronic stress in adults.

Are you ready to stress less? Give Ashwagandha a try. We’ve got a bottle with your name on it.

Let’s get healthier, together.

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