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Smoothie to Give a Daily Boost to the Immune System

Batido para darle un Impulso Diario al Sistema Inmunológico

Without a vaccine available, in this “new normal” and with the winter season just around the corner, exposing ourselves to COVID-19 and influenza is almost inevitable. The only options to avoid contagion, which depend on us, are prevention through compliance with the hygiene and care measures that we know and boost our immune system, As much as we can.

For that, we want to share with you a delicious smoothie that you can prepare every day if you want, varying some ingredients. It's super easy, you'll love it and it will be a boost for your body.


  • 1 cup of fresh or frozen fruits. My options: mango, kiwi or pineapple.

  • kale (1-2 fresh, cut leaves or 1 cup frozen leaves)

  • 1 cup of almond milk

  • 1 cup of yogurt or kefir

  • Spirulina, 1/2 teaspoon powder

  • Turmeric, 1 capsule

  • Echinacea, 1 capsule

  • Ashwagandha, 1 capsule


You put all the ingredients in the blender and that's it. To enjoy! You can drink it daily mid-morning or afternoon, as a snack.

Why these ingredients?

  • Fruits such as mango, pineapple or kiwi are rich in antioxidants and nutrients, in particular, they are excellent sources of vitamin C, which boosts defenses.

  •  Green vegetables like kale or spinach are rich in nutrients and antioxidants. Kale contains a large amount of iron and vitamin C. It is also anti-inflammatory.

  • Almond milk, because it contains antioxidants such as zinc, manganese and vitamin E.

  • Yogurt and kefir are probiotics, which improve the balance of our microbiota or intestinal flora, thereby strengthening our immune system.

  • Turmeric, helps reduce inflammation in the body, improving the immune response.

  • Echinacea, one of the most recommended herbs to raise defenses.

  • Ashwagandha, to help reduce stress, because it reduces our immune capacity.

  • Spirulina, this algae is rich in copper and iron, and helps balance zinc and other nutrients that strengthen the immune system.

A daily shake like this is a delicious way to support your defenses. It doesn't take that much time, it's economical and with products that are adding nutrients to your body.

Remember that some of these supplements, such as echinacea, ashwagandha and turmeric you can find them at misantoremedio, as well as all the information you need.

And don't forget to continue taking care of yourself and others.

Together, we are healthier!

Your team Santo Remedio

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