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Take care of your mental health

Ponle cuidado a tu salud mental

Until a few years ago, talking about mental health was a taboo topic. Nowadays it is something very normal and tremendously necessary, because it is a problem that does not distinguish gender, race, economic situation or age. Life always gives us challenges that put our emotional stability in check. We are all exposed to suffering from disorders such as depression, stress, panic, anxiety and others that temporarily alter our routine. There are scientific studies that show that the more time we spend down, the more likely we are to fall into depression, since our emotional state worsens.(1). The key is to take measures to recognize them, confront them in time and prevent them from becoming a permanent state and a dead-end tunnel.(2)


How to recognize if our mental health is in trouble

There are many symptoms that indicate that our mental health is not at its best:

  • Lack of motivation
  • Sadness and dejection most of the time
  • poor concentration
  • Lack of purpose
  • Changes in our eating habits, among others.


We must take into account that the state of our mental health also greatly influences our physical response capacity. There are studies that show that the more upset we are, the more vulnerable we are to getting sick and the more difficult it is to recover, because our immune system is affected. (3) 


How can we support our mental health?

  • If you feel like you are going through a mental health crisis or emotional instability, the first thing you should do is seek professional help. A psychotherapist can guide you on what specific measures you can take to reactivate your mood, look for new forms of growth, integration and social relationships, or refer you to another expert if you need medication, among other ways to help you get out of stagnation.


  • Learn and use conscious breathing techniques in moments of crisis. Breathing calms us and oxygenates our brain. This helps us think better and allows us to find possible solutions to the challenges that arise. Here is an example of conscious breathing: Breathe deeply through your nose. Hold your breath for about 3 to 4 seconds. Release it through the mouth suddenly. Repeat it 5 times.


  • The physical activity It helps us release endorphins, which are substances that make us feel good (9). Look for new options and company or support groups to make it more enjoyable. Two of the best exercises that help release endorphins quickly are dance and practice yoga. The connection that the brain makes with music and movement when dancing activates good memories related to what we heard, while oxygenating. Meanwhile, by combining the stretches, poses and breathing of yoga, it helps to relax the mind, control the stress, reduce pain, sleep better and improve brain oxygenation, among other benefits.


  • Mental health also depends on the food we put in our body. Yessome food that support brain health and keep neurological connections functioning as they should. Some examples:

Dark or bitter chocolate: Cocoa contains anandamide and phenylethylamine, which are substances that are responsible for releasing endorphins, giving us that feeling of well-being and pleasure. A couple of pieces daily help keep your mind healthy and happy.

Legumes such as beans or lentils: They are rich in the vitamin complexYoonly B, like tofolic acid, which is essential in the production of substances thatYobrain cells that keep neurons healthy and have to do with the state of tomood and other functions.

*For more food options that contribute to mental and general well-being, we recommend that you download the free DALE plan. There you will find a food guide and other tips from nutritionist Sabrina Hernández-Cano and Dr. Juan Rivera to help you achieve good physical condition and the general balance you need.


  • In our plan you will also find tips and recipes to incorporate supplements like those found in our package Sleep well and control stress (Ashwagandha, F.formula for Sleep and Tand of passionflower), or the Will Pow(d)er of Entalla, with a mixture of herbs and minerals such as magnesium, which help you relax and sleep better, another important aspect to improve your mood and stay healthy.(5)





Remember that every tunnel always has an exit, where the light shines! Here we go!



Your team Santo Remedio




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