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Prepare your skin for winter

Prepara tu piel para el invierno

The days are slowly getting colder and although we love to go out with fashionable boots and beautiful coats, the dry and frigid air can affect our skin, especially the areas that are most exposed to the environment such as the cheeks, lips or the hands, which can cause injuries that even affect the tissues(1). To protect your skin, you should make some adjustments to your skin care routine and keep these simple tips in mind.


1. Revitalize your skin naturally

You will surely find some ingredients in your pantry to make masks natural ones that help you remove canddead lulas and prepare your face to receive the nutrients provided by good products for the skin. You can prepare a honey and oatmeal mask. After rinsing your face, apply Retinol, which supports the renewal of the candskin lules. This andtime of the year is alsoandn a good time to give it a boost to your beauty routine with a supplement of Collagen that helps rejuvenate your skin. (2)


2. Moisturize your skin

You can avoid the effects of wind and low temperatures with products that naturally provide moisture to your skin. Remove makeup with a Purifying Cleanser, which gently and deeply eliminates impurities, as wellYo how to support hydrationn. Continueorto your routine by applying a Moisturizing Facial Cream, with a light circular massage until completely absorbed. Both products are rich in ceramides, which help your skin stay protected and moisturized, even in the worst weather. (3)


3. Cuíget out of the sun even if it's not summer

Quizto the DYoThey may seem less bright to you in winter, but the sun's rays and, above all, the sun's UV rays affect your skin. After applying moisturizer, remember that it is key to protect the eye contour of the frYoeither. And although the dYoso be mtoIf the weather is short and somewhat cloudy, don't leave home without a layer of RADIANCE Solar Primer and some nice glasses with UV filters. 


4. Attention to details

The neck tooandn is a toArea exposed to daily wind and may be affected. Before wrapping it in your favorite scarf or scarf, we recommend applying the Restorative balm for neck and neckline, which can support the hydration process and help firm this delicate area. Alsotoyes, you can complement your care with Beauty Gummies, which thanks to its combination of minerals, protectsYonases and vitamins, such as biotin (4), they can help maintain radiant skin, strong nails and beautiful hair.


5. Avoid hot water

Probably make you want to take long hot showers to get rid of the coldYoor, but that will endto for drying out your skin and taking away its shine. Choose bathrooms mtos with warm water to preserve your skin's natural moisture and then apply the ZELMA Brightening Serum, containing Vitamin C, which can help prevent premature aging. (4)

Remember to protect yourself well and be consistent with your skin care so that you see the results and have a face full of life and shine this winter.

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