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Sleepy Honey Passionflower Tea

Té de Pasiflora con Miel para un Sueño Delicioso

Rest Easy with our Sleepy Passionflower Tea

Does this sound familiar? A hectic morning where nothing seems to go as planned, including your coffee—which seems to think it’s most effective spilled down the front of your shirt.

Maybe you even arrive at work (or that online meeting) only to realize your earrings don’t match. Oh well, the camera and audio don’t seem to be working on that important conference call, so earrings might be the least of your worries.

Add in a stressful commute, either through rush-hour traffic or through the messy kitchen after a day of working from home, and suddenly it’s time to get ready for bed. That’s when you notice the sore throat.

If any part of this scenario feels familiar, we understand. Everyone is dealing with a little extra stress these days, and it can feel nearly impossible to break the cycle of stressful mornings and restless nights.

Fortunately, there’s something you can do to banish stress and get a good night’s sleep. And that sore throat? There’s a solution for that as well.

We present you our Sleepy Passionflower Tea, the perfect way to reclaim your calm and your health. 

While herbalists and healers have recognized the health benefits of the passionflower for centuries, recent scientific studies help us better understand passionflower’s unique medicinal properties.

Passionflowers contains unique flavonoid antioxidants, which protect our bodies against oxidative stress. This type of stress occurs when our biological systems are unable to remove harmful toxins from the body after a damaging event. 

Oxidative stress can occur: 

  • As a result of a physical illness or injury.
  • And as a result of our bodies reacting to consistent external stress as well, making passionflower’s antioxidants a crucial part of recovering from a busy day.


And for an added health boost, try adding 1-2 tablespoons of honey to your evening cup of Passionflower Tea. 

The honey acts as:

  • A natural antibacterial. 
  • And as an anti-inflammatory, soothing your sore throat and helping fight off viral infections.

You need more than just sleep to recover from a busy day. You need a night of healing. And our Passionflower Tea and honey combination is just what Dr. Juan ordered.

Enjoy a cup every evening before bed, and you’ll wake up ready to take on the day. Just remember to be extra careful with that cup of coffee in the morning.

Let’s get healthier, and more rested, together.

Your friends at Santo Remedio

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