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Remarkable New Weight Loss Study

Un Nuevo y Sorprendente Estudio Sobre la Pérdida de Peso

Obesity is tied to many tragic and chronic diseases, especially for hispanics. It’s the mission of Santo Remedio and Dr. Juan to help as many people as possible reach a healthy weight.

That’s why we at Santo Remedio are buzzing about the results of a promising new study.

A 68 week clinical trial study with almost 2,000 participants showed that once weekly injections of the drug Semaglutide led to sustained -- and in many cases significant -- weight loss. Let’s break it down.

What is Semaglutide?

Semaglutide is a drug often used to increase insulin production in type 2 diabetics. It belongs to a class of drugs called GLP1 Receptor Agonists.

These types of drugs mimic a natural hormone called incretin, which signals your pancreas to produce more insulin, thus keeping blood sugar levels in control.

But another function of incretin in the body is to increase feelings of fullness and satisfaction. It’s this function that researchers think is at the heart of semaglutide’s surprising new weight loss study results.

How Much Weight Did People on the Study Lose?

Participants in the study were all overweight, with a body mass index between 30-50 at the beginning of the study. Those that received a weekly injection of 2.4 g of semaglutide lost 14.9% of their body weight compared to only 2.4% in the placebo group.

It’s important to note that all study participants followed healthy lifestyle guidelines, which could account for the weight loss seen in the placebo group as well.

But it’s that 14.9% number that has researchers and doctors really excited. Here are some other shocking numbers.

  • 86% of the semaglutide group lost 5% or more of their body weight.

  • 69% of the semaglutide group lost 10% or more of their body weight.

  • 50.5% of the semaglutide group lost 15% or more of their body weight

The average weight loss for a member of the semaglutide group was 33.7 pounds.

What were the Side Effects?

The study reported mild side effects, with nausea and diarrhea being the most common. The study reported that these often subsided with time.

What Does this Mean for Me?

This was only a Step 1 clinical trial, and is an entirely new application of semaglutide and at a higher dose than normally given for diabetes type 2 patients, so much more research is needed.

That said, a human trial is generally more trustworthy than an animal trial for any drug, and the results have many health care professionals very intrigued.

Healthy eating, sleep, and exercise are always the basis for sustained weight loss and heart health, but there might just be more help on the horizon.

It might be a ways off yet before we can safely use semaglutide as a support in our weight loss efforts, and questions about price and insurance coverage will arise as with any drug, but trials this positive don’t come around as often.

Let’s get healthier together,

Your friends at Santo Remedio

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