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Learn Dr. Bowes' tips to take care of your skin at the gym

Conoce los tips de la Dra. Bowes para cuidar tu piel en el gym

Having a skin care routine is very important, don't you know?eitherat the beginning of the day but before going to work sleep. And if you are one of the people who enjoy going to gym to get rid of stresseh, you must have certain additional care so that sweat and toxins do not have their way on your face. Here we offer you some tips from our primary dermatologist, Dr. Leyda Bowes to continue taking care of your skin while taking care of your figure.


1. Avoid wearing makeup

Your skin needs to breathe, especially when you exercise andIf you wear makeup, pores are likely to become clogged, preventing toxins from being released, which can cause acneand (1). If you are going to exercise outdoors, make surerate of use sunscreen and a nice cap to avoid the effects of ultraviolet rays.


2. Don't let your face touch the bench

Avoid putting your face without protection against the bench of devices or surfaces to support yourself and exercise.. Use a clean towel to place it on thethese, to act as a protective barrier against possible bacteria and other impurities that could touch your skin. This will help your face stay healthy and alsogo protect your immune system.


3. Wipe away sweat

As you progress in your training it is normal for you to sweat. It is advisable that you wipe off excess sweat with a soft towel, which will also helpén to eliminate excess fat and prevent it from accumulating on your face. Don't do it rudely, just small movements. Stay hydrated (2) It is also important for the fur stay healthy and so that the muscles can work better. Complement your routine with a delicious smoothie protein that will help you to build muscle and to achieve your goals.


4. Wash your face right after you finish training

Don't wait to get home to wash your face, do it just finish training. Remember that it is very important wash your hands beforehand and then use the Purifying Cleanser which contains ceramides, so your skin will be receiving natural nutrients (3). Then, hydrates your complexion so that it isbe protected all the time and you can avoid the appearancen of expression lines.


5. Other tips if you exercise outdoors

If your thing is to exercise outdoors to fill yourself with energy, remember that, in addition to all the previous tips, you should wear sunglasses with a UV filter, to protect not only your eyes, but Your look. Avoid going for a run at midday and wear clothes that alsoIt must be comfortable, protect you from the sun and allow adequate perspiration.  

Your training routine will be complete with these simple tips and your complexion will look better than ever. Our skin deserves a lot of love and above all, best products for your care.

Your team,

Santo Remedio



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