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6 Habits you should practice this New Year

6 Hábitos que debes practicar este Año Nuevo

The beginning of the year is the best time to commit to achieving new goals, new dreams and starting a healthier lifestyle, especially implementing habits that bring us well-being. Which ones would you like to start putting into practice? Here we propose six incredible healthy habits that will help you look and feel radiant.


1. Exercise more

If you already have a training routine, it's time to raise the level and achieve even better physical condition. And if you don't have the exercise habit yet, let's get started! The physical activity Not only does it help you stay in shape, it also prevents heart conditions and collaborates in good mental health (1). You don't have to spend hours on gym, start with daily walks, and if dancing is your thing, it's a good time to get back into it. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator is another good decision that can become a habit. Move more, and if what you need is desire, the B12 vitamin can help you maintain energy.


2. Renew your beauty routine

Taking better care of your skin to prevent the appearance of expression lines and premature aging is a habit that you should start as soon as possible. It is important that you have the right products for your routine. skincare. Remove impurities of your face deeply and delicately is key to making it look youthful, as well as hydrate your skin daily, without forgetting to protect the eye contour which is a very delicate and sensitive area. Without a doubt, it is a daily habit that will bring you many benefits.


3. Increase protein consumption

One way to stay strong and healthy is to consume enough protein. In fact, studies recommend 1 gram per kilo of weight. (3), especially if what we want is to build lean muscle. A delicious and quick way to achieve this is with a smoothie. Protein which will also help you feel fuller for longer, while providing you with 25 grams of protein per serving! Combine your shake with a daily exercise routine to have the figure you want


4. Sleep better

May this coming year rest enough is one of your priorities. It is proven that sleeping well helps regulate and improve the immune system (4), plus it improves our mood. Help your body be in balance with Melatonin Gummies to regulate your sleep patterns, along with a Passionflower Tea to relax while enjoying a moment exclusive to you.


5. Practice gratitude

You don't need a special day to be grateful for what we have, it is a habit that we should practice every day. Studies indicate that being grateful improves resilience, optimism and our mental health in general, in addition to making us happier (5). Daily recognize the good things we have and the small victories, as well as to meditate, they will make our lives happier. Speaking of which, thank you for being part of Santo Remedio!


6. Visit the doctor regularly

Prevention is the best tool to be healthy. Don't wait until you feel discomfort to go to your doctor, take the time for your routine visits and get tests. Choose fresh foods instead of fast food that contains fat, sugar and a lot of sodium. If you want to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, we recommend Super Nopal, which contains an exclusive formula of Santo Remedio to give you extra support and improve carbohydrate metabolism.

May the coming year be an opportunity to be better, to be healthier and look better than ever. If we add these simple habits to our lives, we can feel renewed, energized, and stronger.

Your team,

Santo Remedio



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