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If you really want to lose weight in 2023...

Si realmente quieres perder peso el 2023…

Start the Plan GO AHEAD 28 days, Entalla! 

There are thousands of diets and systems to lose weight, in any style and for as long as you want. But not everyone can help you lose weight healthy and maintain it for the long term. And there are certain aspects that we must take into account when we really want to make a change, not only in what the scale shows and how our clothes fit, but in our general well-being. Thats why he Dr. John and the nutritionist Sabrina Hernández-Cano They took on the task of finding a simple and effective way to achieve a change that impacts and is beneficial in different aspects of health: Oftox, TOanti-inflammatory, L.rid yourself of toxins and ANDenergy. Thus was born the DALE Plan 28 days, Entalla. A system that, if you follow it as indicated, will mark a great change in you and the beginning of a much healthier, and lighter, life!

Whyand 28 dayace?

Various studies have shown that repeating certain habits during this period can make our intention to make changes and achieve a goal work! That means that if you set out to lose weight and improve your health, you can achieve it if you focus on following these four weeks.

The first thing you are going to achieve during these 28 days is to concentrate your mind on the changes you must make to achieve your goal, choosing foods with a specific purpose, that have an abundance of nutrients and that also support weight loss; controlling portions and meal times, drinking more water and adding appropriate supplements. Those 28 days will be the basis of your total transformation!

In whatand consists of DALE Plan 28 days, Entalla?

It consists of 4 phases, each of which lasts a week and has the purpose of achieving a goal in your body. See what they are:

  • Week 1 - dandtox
  • Week 2 – TOanti-inflammatory
  • Week 3 – lrid yourself of toxins
  • Week 4 – ANDenergy

That's why we called it the Plan GO AHEAD! They are the first letters of the objective that we want to achieve in you each week.

* During each of these weeks you will have specific foods, full of essential nutrients that will help you throughout the process.


The fformula you are going to use 

The plan uses the same formula Entalla to divide meals during the day: 2-1-2. That is to say, 2 Smoothies - 1 Main meal - 2 Snacks, in the order you decide.

This makes it very easy to have an eating routine that will help you discipline your eating schedules, allowing you not to go hungry and give up halfway through the process.


The extra help you can have

During the plan it is also important that you incorporate the products of Entalla, since each one will support you during these four weeks, to make the process easier and more pleasant. For example, Vegan Protein is perfect for the detox week and of course, for the rest of the plan if you are one of those people who prefers a plant-based diet. He MetaBoost and the Super Slim Coffeeand They can support you in burning fat, while the Will Pow(d)er It is ideal for supporting the nervous system, especially when we are changing our bits.

In the plan tooWe suggest when you can incorporate some supplements Santo Remedio, such as Triedtitic, Echinacea, Ashwagandha, Turmeric, CoQ10 and Omega 3, since these can support you, giving that boost and reinforcement that your body and mind need to maintainbe focused and healthy. 

The best part about this plan is that it is available to you, ¡completely FREE! You just have to subscribe to our page and you can download it directly to your computer, with recipe examples, food bank and all the details you need to know for each of the 28 days.ace.Plus, starting January 2 you can join our weight loss challenge, where you can win a trip to Miami for a consultation with Dr. Juan and nutritionist Sabrina Hernández-Cano or a thousand dollars.

Do not waste time! It is the right time to leave old habits behind, lose weight and feel better than ever. Subscribe and start the plan that can change your life. ¡GO AHEAD!

Your team Santo Remedio

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