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Doctor Juan warns us that even with a negative test, if you have this symptom, the probability that you have COVID-19 is high

Doctor Juan nos alerta que aun con una prueba negativa, si tienes este síntoma, la probabilidad de que tengas COVID-19 es alta

Even with a negative test, if you have this symptom, the probability that you have COVID-19 is high

We are facing a second wave of coronavirus this winter and there are still many people who have more questions than answers regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. The Hispanics We have been disproportionately affected with 3 times more risk of contracting the virus that white people and 2 times more risk of dying because of this terrible disease.

The symptoms have been manifesting over time:

  •  fever

  • sore throat

  • body pain

  • headache

  • cough

  • respiratory distress

  • Gastrointestinal disorders

  • excessive tiredness

  • loss of smell

  • and loss of taste.

*Unfortunately, in some cases, symptoms progress until reaching respiratory compromise.

But although the symptoms have become clearer to us, there is still significant confusion with testing for the virus.

Let it be very clear to you: even when a coronavirus test gives a negative result, there are symptoms, which, if present in the patient, suggest that the test is wrong.

exist two main tests of COVID-19:

  1. The nose swab test It detects the genetic material of the virus, indicating whether we are infected at that precise moment or not. When a person has symptoms that suggest COVID-19, this procedure should be performed.

  2. The other test, which is of blood, is to detect the presence of antibodies and tells us whether or not someone was exposed to the virus in the past.

Are these tests perfect?

No. They can give “false negatives”. In other words, giving a negative result when, in fact, the person is infected with the virus.

So what we do?

The first thing is to understand that not everything is coronavirus. A person may have a fever, cough, tiredness, and have another type of virus or illness. In fact, a flu test would be appropriate in a situation like this.

Now, if the person has a loss of smell or taste, they have coronavirus until proven otherwise and the test must be repeated if the first test gave a negative result.

We are all in the same boat and the best thing we can do is try to prevent this terrible disease:

—wearing masks

—practicing social distancing

—avoiding closed and crowded places

—washing our hands frequently

—and supporting our immune system.

To strengthen defenses, habits of utmost importance are:

  •  sleep 7-8 hours a day

  • consume 3 to 5 servings of fruits/vegetables daily

  • do not consume alcohol in excess

  • do exercise

  • and control stress.

To these lifestyle changes you can add supplements such as:

  • the vitamin C

  • he zinc

  • the echinacea

  • the vitamin D

  • and the melatonin.

Check our site misantoremedio to learn more about how these products can help you and what else you can do to boost your defenses. Until we have a vaccine, the response to this pandemic depends on each of us.

We continue together in this task,

Doctor Juan.

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