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Sweetener: Is it better than sugar?

Edulcorantes: ¿Mejores que el azúcar?

If you are a person who cares about your health, you must know that white sugar added to food is one of the main causes of health problems, especially obesity and diabetes. That's why many people use sweeteners to replace them. But are they really good choices? Are they less harmful to our bodies when we use them? Continue reading and see what nutritionists have said to us Entalla Sabrina Hernandez Cano talked about this important aspect, which is not only related to our weight, but also to our overall health.


Capture mechanism

Every time we eat sugar and the intestines absorb it, the glucose in our blood increases. Immediately, our pancreas begins to secrete insulin hormone, which allows glucose to reach our cells and generate energy. Research shows that about 130 grams of glucose per day is enough to make our body work and reduce the risk of diabetes(1)However, if there is too much sugar and the produced glucose exceeds the required glucose, glucose will gather around our waist organs in the form of fat, making us prone to insulin resistance or pre diabetes, and cardiovascular problems.(2)

The brain does not escape the influence of sugar. On the contrary, it is another biggest harm, as sugar disrupts the connections between neurons and generates an easily addictive sense of reward, which makes us always want more.(3)



This is where they started playing with sweeteners. The advertisement makes us believe that replacing sugar with other products with the same sweetness but "calorie free" is the solution. It's not like that. Let's see why.


>Firstly, our brain's response to anything that produces a sweet sensation is related to happiness. Therefore, it has the same physiological effect as sugar. (2)


>Although this is true, most sweeteners do not provide calories, their impact may be even worse, especially those that are chemicals or are mixed with harmful substances such as sucralose, aspartame, and saccharin.


>There are studies linking sweeteners with side effects, ranging from migraines, gastrointestinal problems, skin problems, emotional and thymic changes, some of which are very serious. Therefore, in the 28 Day Dale Plan absence Including sweeteners. On the contrary, the goal is to remove toxins from your system during detoxification week.


Best choice

You must always remember that no matter what sweet choice you choose, restraint is the key. If you want to use a substitute, you can make it with stevia. This sweetener is made from plants and is 300 times sweeter than sugar. In some shops, you can even find this plant and use its leaves to add sugar to your drink.

Another option is to use sugar such as agave or honey. Especially honey, when it is raw, is a valuable contribution to health as it provides assistance and enhances the body's enzymes. But your daily intake should not exceed one teaspoon.


Can I give myself a sweet taste?

Yes, you can! As long as you maintain restraint, you can taste and avoid the abstinence crisis that leads to eating a gallon of ice cream. It is important to determine the best source of sugar. Choose fruits that contain natural sugars, such as fruits, because in addition to obtaining carbohydrates, you will also add fiber, which, like fat, helps slow down glucose absorption and does not cause a sudden increase in your blood.


You can also use Super Norpar or Norpar Traditional Santo Remedio Help you slow down sugar absorption. Super Nobel has a unique formula that includes chromium to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

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Sugar is an enemy who knows how to deceive. Choose your sugar source to achieve your goals of weight loss, better health, and the body you want. Start your challenge, Dell, always control those sweet desires!


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