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Balance your hormones and enjoy your feminine essence, losing weight!

Equilibra tus hormonas y disfruta tu esencia de mujer, ¡perdiendo peso!

We know that this month, everyone remembers how wonderful we are. We dress as mothers, wives, girlfriends, professionals, workers, cooks, nurses, drivers... And all the facets that are necessary! However, few remember that each woman must deal every month with a biological process that is difficult in most cases: menstruation. Even when it stops happening and we think that we have already freed ourselves from all the annoying symptoms that we have carried for decades, the result can be even more complicated with menopause.

The menstrual cycle, however, is as complex as it is important for every woman, affecting all aspects of her life. And there is a close relationship between excess weight and the behavior of hormones. This is why in Entalla we have dedicated an especial dition DALE 28-Day Weight Loss Plan to support women's health from the menstrual cycle.

The relationship between hormones and weight

  • Unfortunately, weight influences our female cycles more than we think. When a woman is overweight, the production of hormones involved in menstruation and during menopause is altered.
  • Estrogen and progesterone are the main hormones in charge of female processes. Estrogen, for example, is stored in fat and when there is too much accumulation of this hormone, changes occur, such as irregular cycles, increased inflammation and pain, changes in metabolism, among other consequences. And these can occur at any age.
  • In adolescence, for example, in addition to irregular cycles, obesity and overweight can also cause polycystic ovary syndrome, in which there may be an absence of menstruation or, on the contrary, it may be extremely abundant and painful.(1).
  • A study conducted in Australia, with women between 26 and 36years old foundeither that those with higher BMI (Body Mass Index), higher waist circumference and elderly proportionon of Waist hip they were mores prone to having irregular cycles and longer, and those with obesity haveYoeven twice as likely to have an irregular menstrual cycle. The study also showed a relationship between excess weight with high levels of insulin and testosterone, among other things, which also affect menstrual cycles.(2)
  • Meanwhile, there is evidence that many of the sYosymptoms that women experience during menopause, from hot flashes to joint and urinary problems, are related with overweight and the obesity. (3)

Therefore, maintaining a healthy weight It's very important. When losing a few pounds we help regulate hormones and to reduce discomfort during the menstrual cycle. And during the menopause, can help reduce hot flushes and to improve the quality of sleep, among other benefits.

Our plan of attack for hormonal balance

The purpose of the DALE Plan in March is this: to help you to you woman, to start losing weight, to improve the balance of your hhormones, whether it's during your cycle menstrual either during menopause. Each of the nutritionist advice Entalla Sabrina Hernandeztondez-Cano isto focuseither in supporting the entire hormonal process, considering those foods, supplements and exercises that are essential to combat inflammation, pain, listlessness, lack of energy or mood changes.

A great help to carry out the plan are the supplements Entalla, Because they can supporting such important aspects as calming those uncontrollable desires to eat (Proteins/ Skinny Yummy Gummy), increasing your energy (Super Slim Café/ MetaBoost) or helping you with your mood (Will Podwer).

We trust that after these 28 days you have not only lost weight and learned the eating and lifestyle habits that can help you maintain it in the long term. Our goal is for you, woman, to begin to experience another way of living your cycles. We cannot change our nature, but we can support you to achieve the balance of your hormones naturally, so that these processes, which are part of our essence, stop being traumatic and you can continue enjoying life, regardless of the day of the month. where you find yourself. Remember what they say out there: Women don't cry anymore, women take action!

Your team Santo Remedio



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