Healthy Together Packs

When you need a remedy, call in the whole team. Introducing Santo Remedio’s exclusive Healthy Together Packs. Powerful things happen when we work together, especially when it comes to health. Backed by years of medical practice and research, Dr. Juan Rivera has handpicked these Santo Remedio products to target your most important health needs.

Explore Our Healthy Together Packs

Boost Your Immune System

$61.46 $66.80

Fortalece Tu Sistema Inmunológico (Reforzado)

$91.58 $101.75

Take Care of Your Heart

$61.51 $68.35

Cuida Tu Corazón (Reforzado)

$90.27 $100.30

Protect Your Bones and Joints

$71.87 $79.85

Dile Adiós a la Inflamación

$88.97 $98.85

Enhance Your Sleep/ Manage Your Stress

$58.36 $64.85

Love Your Brain (Pre-Order)

$84.02 $93.35

Skin and Beauty Saver (Pre-Order)

$73.66 $81.85

Fight the Flu

Pack contains: 4 packs of Effervescent Tablets, 3 packs of Cold/Cough liquid capsules, 3 bottles of Ibuprofen
$54.96 $57.85

Para Un Cuerpo Entero Saludable (Para Ella)

$164.18 $193.15

Everyday Essentials (For Him) (Pre-Order)

$164.18 $193.15