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5 Ways to renew yourself in the New Year

5 Formas de renovarte en Año Nuevo

A year ends, a new one begins and we all have the best intentions of renewing ourselves inside and out. We created a list of purposes and goals that, for the vast majority of people, a few weeks into January, are forgotten. But those who dare to take the new cycle seriously, discipline themselves and find the will to move forward, achieve impressive positive changes in their health, appearance, mood and quality of life!

There is no doubt that it is the perfect time to make changes. The point to not get discouraged at the first obstacle is to set simple goals. Small steps that you can maintain in the long term and that, over time, will transform you and bring out the best in you. That's why here we give you some ideas with those that are fundamental.


Say “no” to excuses

The first step to change, no matter how minimal it may be, is to stop making excuses. Stop blaming genetics for everything and recognize that, to a large extent, being better depends on you and your lifestyle. Make your list of 5 to 10 specific changes you want to make and set a start date. For example, starting January 1 I want to: reduce carbohydrates, do 30 minutes of daily exercise, stop eating fried foods, not have dinner after 7 and not go to bed after 10, etc. Write down each goal and keep a record, so you can see what helps you and what makes it difficult for you to achieve them.


Resolve to do more physical activity

A sedentary lifestyle is one of our worst evils. Work, excessive use of the telephone and countless attractive television series do not contribute to increasing our physical activity. But, if you manage to add at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular physical activity to your routine, you will be able to see a huge change in your body, your weight, and your overall well-being. You don't need an ambitious plan or joining a gym if you don't feel ready. You can start with short walks around your house, exercises at home, dancing your playlist favorite or start parking further away whenever you can. If you feel that your problem is lack of energy, on our page you can find supplements such as Vitamin B, which can give you that necessary boost. Step by step you will feel and observe the positive effects.


Order your eating habits

It sounds easy, but most people with health problems ignore this part, which is vital for a better quality of life, even in the midst of illness. Start by stopping eating out, ordering the first thing that comes to mind. Planning your healthy meals weekly will give you the discipline and focus you need. If you want a real change, look for our 28-day Plan, which will help you cleanse your body and begin to nourish it efficiently, to support it in the fight against inflammation, fill it with antioxidants and provide you with energy. If you still don't feel ready to do it, on our page Entalla you can find other plans and a Daily menu that will make it easier for you to eat with purpose and take care of your weight. You also find the supplements that can help you make the task easier.


Find ways to manage stress and sleep better

This is a vicious circle, because when we are stressed, we do not sleep well and the more stressed we are, the worse we eat and the sicker we get.(1). Therefore, propose to find a way to control stress. If necessary, seek professional help, especially if you feel like you can't deal with your emotions. Some ways to help the body with the stressands are through exercise, conscious breathing, meditation and relying on supplements such as Ashwagandha, that can help the body respond to stressful situations(2). Learning to manage it will also help you rest the 7 or 8 hours that the body and mind need to recover. If it costs you To fall asleep, you can try the Sleep Formula waves Melatonin Gummies, who can give you a hand regulatesndo the rest pattern.


Make a point of taking care of your appearance

Taking care of the way we present ourselves to the world is not an act of vanity. It is a fundamental part of self-love and the confidence we project. Therefore, add to your list of changes for 2023 to take care of and improve the appearance of your skin. Keep in mind that this is your largest organ and your overall health also depends on how healthy it is. In PIEL ETERNA you can find everything you need for complete care, starting with the cleaning, continuing with the moisturizing, he treatment and the Solar protection. Are products that bring together the best natural ingredients, formulated with cutting-edge cosmetic technology so that your skin truly improves its appearance.

The last few years may not have been the best or perhaps you want to take your well-being to another level. You are at the right moment to take that leap towards a better, higher quality life, in which you can dedicate yourself to growing, shining and fulfilling your dreams. Take control! Visualize that your best year begins now.

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